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Stopping and Starting

Stopping and Starting

I have just started PE, like a week ago, and I have about another three weeks in which I have time to PE. Next month though I’m going travelling and I’m not gonna be able to PE regularly if at all. Is stopping after a month going to have negative effects? I don’t care to much if I lose my gains. It’s more a matter of, if I get some easy newbie gains and lose them again, will I be able to get those easy gains back when I start again or will my newbie gains be exhausted and I’ll have to work harder at it?

In short is it better for me to get started and not worry about the month gap or should I wait till I can devote a couple of months to it straight? I would prefer to get some gains now as I am anticipating an encounter fairly soon and I’d like to be at my most impressive, but not at the expense of easy gains.


I would PE all the time I could and then just do piss pulls and shower pulls when time and privacy is limited.

Just do a light routine in the time you are travelling. Do some stretches just before you go to sleep and jelq for 5-10 minutes in the shower. Be creative, PE isn’t to difficult to combine with other things. Also doing PE 3-4 days a week is better than not doing PE at all.

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