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A professional pump can be combined....?

A professional pump can be combined....?

My question is can a professional pump like those advertised by Dr. Joel Kaplan work in concert with PE exercises? Could a routine of pe and one day off followed by perhaps a pumping day work? Any ideas gentleman? I figured some one would have tried this by now. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

For a while I tried pumping after all other forms of PE. I would stretch, hang, jelq, uli and then pump. I never tried just other forms one day and then pumping the next. I liked to top off the session with pumping. I found it better to pump afterwards then before. I tried experimenting with a few minute pump followed by a few minute jelq and then repeat. That way I tried to limit the fluid build up. I got too sore though. It is impossible to say whether or not pumping worked since it was in conjunction with so many other forms of PE and my results were so minimal anyway. However, almost everyone says that the results they got were from pumping alone were temporary. Pumping draws fluids into the area between the skin and the cavernosa (as I understand it). I have tried instead to stretch out the inside, corpora cavernosa or tunica, or whatever you want to say instead of just drawing in fluids. Once in a while a good pump is good though. One thing that people don’t mention with pumping is how it can stretch you out. I think it can assist length perhaps because of the pulling stretching action.


Pumps with......

So a pump would help with stretching me out afterwards. Was your pump a chaper one or one of the real expensive ones like Kaplan or something very similiar? I don’t really want to overpay for something that i could get the same effect for much cheaper.

Thanks for the pointer, I just want to get started with the most effective way.

Don’t buy a cheap pump. I have had a few. Using the Kaplan now when I actually do it. Always use a gauge.


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