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A few quick questions

A few quick questions

I was wondering what everyone’s experiences were concerning erections and PE. It seems to me that since I started up again, I’ve been getting more erections, and stronger ones. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m not sure why this is, unless it’s because PE encourages bloodflow. But on the flip side, wouldn’t having more length and girth and so forth mean you need more blood for a strong erection? Anyway, if anyone with medical knowledge can weigh in here, that’d be cool.

Oh, after having started up again in the past two weeks, I’ve already noticed a significant difference in the look of my penis. Can’t wait for the one month mark to measure.

Last question deals with jelqing. How does this help girth? I’ve seen a ton of people post that it does, but I’m not seeing how, since the exercise is moving along the length of the penis. Someone care to explain that? As you can see, I just follow the advice here, I’m medically inept. I also need to know if it’s necessary that you have part of an erection when you jelq? When I stretch and jelq, I get stretched out, but I don’t really get any noticable 50%-75% erection or anything. Am I still going to see gains from this?

After only a week of doing the manual exercises, I feel like I’m on Viagra all the time. Erections have been more frequent and stronger.

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Re: A few quick questions

Greetings Phoward,

I think PE tends to promote better overall circulation in the unit. I too noticed a marked improvement when I initially started.

Jelqing technique shouldnt just move blood, but engorge and enlarge the shaft. Most guys tend to jelq at 60% to 80% , some at 100% (not for the novice).

More jelqing info:
Jelq erection level
Jelq Grip
Comprehensive jelq instructions. Also, Jelq squeezes are useful for girth gains.

Go slow, take the long-haul view of things to avoid injury.

You don’t need to worry about the additions of length and girth. If you have good erectile function, you’ve also got more than enough blood in your body to fill the new tool.



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