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A depressed non-gainer in Europe

Originally Posted by muggles
— and one more thing: yes, to be a good lover you have to use more than your dick, but you are NOT so small that that’s your only hope. Fingers and tongue, yes - but your dick is perfectly fine too, and you will find that out if you introduce it around a bit! Not trying to pick a quarrel with Wantsmore, but at 6” there is absolutely no need for you to use “cucumbers” or “extenders” unless you hook up with a bona fide size queen.

Heh, heh- no problem muggles. I agree with your statement that there’s no “necessity” of other sexual aids. In my own case I’ve used these as a way to experiment with the size issue and to get off on getting a girl off with something bigger than myself. I could actually see this kind of play doing more harm than good if someone didn’t have the stomach to just get off on it.

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I had the same problem as you, only I’m smaller than you. I wish I had your starting size.
Check out this thread: Small guy help

The girl I was talking about is still my girlfriend and things are great between us.

I am also a little bit frustrated because I’ve only gained 0.5” EL since I started that thread, but that’s because I was afraid to upgrade my routine and I wasn’t very consistent with PE because of laziness, lack of privacy and a few other reasons.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by quik4life
Well, Im currently in Serbia. I cant believe I found an internet cafe.

If you’re still here, PM me, I’ll hook you up with some fine ladies. ;)

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Originally Posted by Cane
If you’re still here, PM me, I’ll hook you up with some fine ladies. ;)

Just left. haha…

Actually, right now Im in Budapest. Ill be in Vienna on Monday.

Everyones advice is really starting to click in. Really. Banging chicks in hostels isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, seeing as how not all chicks are willing to bang in front of other people. One of my travelling buddies got lucky last night, which also pissed me off. He met her in our hostel, went to some alley and she blew him and then he turned her over and banged her. It kind of evens out though. My other buddy was confiding in me that the only two chicks he banged on our trip, he had problems keeping an erection. And when he did get one, he would only be able to last for like 30 seconds. He told me that one of the chicks left pretty angry and frustrated. Hell, if that was me, I would eaten her out. I don’t mind eating pussy. Both my buddies detest it, but I love that shit.

The other insecurity I have when it comes to my penis is that due to the number of jelqs I have done over the past 2 years, the hair on my penis continues to grow upwards toward my head. I hate it. I used to tweeze and loved it, but I kept getting ingrown hairs that looked really big, red and bad. Shaving just isn’t the same and I can’t really keep it up all the time seeing as how I’m showering in shared washrooms.

Static stretching is really becoming an attractive option. I used to ADS using the vacu extender head tip and had it in the around the waist position (hope that made sense). My short trial of ADSing, I found that the less amount of force was actually better than keeping it fully extended.

I dont really have too much time to read up on PUA stuff, but if anyone could PM me a few words of wisdom that I could use on my trip, it would be much appreciated. Last night, we went to a pub and this Australian guy from our hostel joined us. This guy was a mack. Everytime he went to the bar to get another beer, he would bring back 2 girls to our table. I’ve never seen anything like it. Some didn’t even speak English. I’m like, “How the hell is this guy doing it?” What is he saying to them? I’m able to start a conversation and keep one going, but it’s the singling the girl out and going to bang part that I have trouble with. Seeing as how I’m travelling, it’s easy to start a conversation. Where are you from, how long you travelling, blah blah blah. But usually my conversations start to get dry after about 15 minutes. We usually end up in the topic of work, politics, or something just as heated or boring. Again, any advice would be appreciated.


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Hi Quick4life,

I totally understand you. You know we have similar situations. I am 5.5 in length (0.5 shorter) and 4.75 in girth (0.5 bigger) in girth. I am 24 years old and I quit having sex before I will get to average size. I want 6.0 by 5.0 that is all I want. I have to pass on so many girls even though they are ready to get laid with me. There is nothing wrong with it.
I agree with you when people say size does not matter. It matters and matters big time. Every normal girl would like to have a boyfriend with a normal dick. But you are not far away all you need is some girth and that is all. Just do not give up.
From my experience do not do PE just to do it. If you not feel like you are getting better and you are not mentally believing in yourself it is better just stop. You will be wasting your time. You are better off doing for 10 minutes as long as you know that those 10 minutes will give you something. I have not gained anything for almost 8 month now but I have a hope and eventually I know I will gain. At least I am giving it a shot.
I gained 0.5 in length and 0.5 in girth since I started and stopped gaining for a while. Now I clamp and just ordered a Static Stretcher. I am excited.

Let me know if you have any questions,


Talk-about-them. Period. They don’t care about you any more than you care about them. Like yourself, they mostly care about themselves. They are, in the main, as confused, angry, and ‘flicted as you are. The one thing they desperately want is someone to see how special they are….how unique…how interesting. Provide that illusion for an hour straight and then look them right in the eye and say the following words: “you’re so fucking pretty….” then, while reaching for their neck say, “I want to kiss you” Then, providing they don’t bust a Grolsh over your head, proceed to do just that. All the while remember that looking a bitch in the eyes while smiling at her is bitch crack- lace all interactions with fuckable bitches with this basic move. This alone, like a slick of chum on a waveless offshore summer day, has been known to produce results.

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"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski

“…like a slick of chum on a waveless offshore summer day”

Wantsmore, have you considered working for Hallmark?

I’m just sayin’!

Originally Posted by Lampwick
Hey, you can ‘not care about what she thinks’ whether she’s a virgin or experienced

My point is that a girl who’s never had a large, or medium sized dick in her, she doesn’t know the difference. That can be a pretty big deal for a guy of less than average size.

Originally Posted by Lampwick

But is that what you really want? Sex based on indifference?

It wouldn’t be based on indifference. It would be based on the attraction a man feels to a woman, even if that woman is less than a physical ideal.

Originally Posted by Lampwick
And is that going to make you feel better about yourself?

I think it’s pretty likely it could, yes. Give him a chance to enjoy sex, that’ll do wonders for his mind body and soul, and maybe let him develope a bit of confidence and skill in the meantime.

Originally Posted by Lampwick
No disrespect to Jackman2020, but that’s not a course that I would follow.

None taken ;-)

Originally Posted by l3xa_2005
As I remember, Casanova used to say: As long as I have even one finger left,I am going to be a great lover.
Or something like it ;)

Theoretically, that would make fisting a whole lot easier.

quik4life, what if you just lose weight dramatically?

Originally Posted by Gaby

quik4life, what if you just lose weight dramatically?

Well, Im only about 10 -12 pounds overweight. I just have a bit of a gut because I drink beer like a champ, especially since quitting smoking cigs and weed. When I get back, I am going to focus on an exercise program involving weights and HIIT. I read the book Body For Life, as recommended by remek, and find that most of the stuff he says to be true. I tried it for a while and did lose, but life and few extra things sort of got in the way.

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

~Oscar Wilde~

I read recently that exercises that target your quadruceps have the added benefit of increasing blood flow to the penis by about 20%. Just thought I’d throw that out there…

quick, I feel for you bro. You are in the prime of your life. Don’t let it slip away!

Go get yourself some pussy!!! Now! Don’t worry about what the girl is going to think. You will not see her ever again so who gives a shit?

You said you love to eat pussy. Dude, that is your meal ticket right there. The chicks will love you. If you are insecure about your size then just start it off in your boxers and eat that pussy like a champ. Keep eating it until you are ready to put it in her. You could probably go the whole night without her even seeing you if you really wanted to, but I wouldn’t worry about it. If you eat pussy like it is your last meal they will not give a shit about your dick.

I am the opposite. I don’t like eating pussy too much. If it is with the right girl it is great, but it is not something I want to do with everyone I hook up with. The reason I am stating this is because I am thinking about changing my approach and start eating more of it. The only reason why is because I am getting in my late 30s and I am starting to see the finish line as far as being able to get hot younger women. I have been in a slump for a year or two since my last girlfriend because I have not been trying to get any pussy. I am now ready to go on a tear and make the most of it. You need to do the same thing. You will not be able to get these hot 18 year olds 10-15 years from now (at least not as easy or as many). Get it while you can bro!!!

I dated the girl I lost my virginity to for about a year. I could only last a few seconds in that awesome pussy and blowjobs usually only lasted a few minutes. I may have gone a minute or two on my best day with her as far as fucking goes. We only had intercourse a few times, but we had oral sex hundreds of times. I ate that pussy like a champ and she could not get enough of it. I only wish I could take another stab at fucking her now that I know what I am doing and can actually last for a pretty good while most of the time.

Here is your mission: Get laid AT LEAST once before your trip is over in August.

Please report back when your mission has been accomplished and tell us how much she (THEY) loved you eating that pussy like a champ and fucked the hell out of you when you were done making their day, week, or month eating that pussy!!!

Hey dude;

I’m writing from Spain in my best English.

First of all, need to say that you are right in some things but you are also wrong in others.

As far as I can read and try to understand your post, I feel you are a very intelligent person, you don’t really need any of our posts because you have a very strong idea of what penis size means and you don’t wanna believe nothing else than your own thoughts: you know penis size is important, and so it is, and also you know -like all of us- that a big cock is more attractive for a woman than a small one. It has nothing to make with love or respect, family, business or being a great man in this society.the meaning is that the same person will get more pussy with a big cock than with a small one, and also will offer better sex doing just the same with a bigger cock than with a little one.

Ok, that’s why we’re all here. Some of us wear a micropennis which is not enough to do our functions, some of us have a small one which is not attractive, others have an average but need to feel that they have a big one, and some of us wear a big one but need to feel we have a fucking monster between our normal, we live in a Society of big things, we are educated to think that “more is better”.

¿So what? ¿Are you going to spend your youth crying because your average penis is not a fucking python? Come on man!!

There are lots, I mean LOTS of methods. You’ve got light routines, heavy routines, extensors, pumps, weights, medical come on, stop crying like a bitch and do something. Spend 200$ and buy a Phallosan, the medical extender you can wear 8-9h a day without harming your penis; do 10-15min jelqs per day, try to improve some routines from the people who writes here. There are plenty of ways, the only thing you have to do is be constant and patient, you will see results sooner or later.

One last thing is the fact you say you feel depressed and tired. I’ll tell you a few things: for first, the way you are so obsessed with your cock size is a way of hiding other personal complexes. We all agree that penis size is important, but most of us try to have a normal live and we still try to enjoy and fuck a good babe, cause penis size is not the most important; and you are on average..

Last thing is that many of human problems are psychosomatic; depression causes anxiety, and anxiety causes depression, and your penis will suffer directly from it. If you don’t feel love for your self, if you still feel like shit and you generate psychic tension your penis will get smaller and smaller; in comparison with a person, if you feel anxiety and depression, your penis will be a depressed penis who wants to hide from the rest of the world, and the tension will avoid your penis to get enough relaxed to grow.

¿You think it’s funny? So go ahead with your shit, sooner or later nobody will give a fuck about you.

I’d recommend you two things: try to find -alone or with professional help- what’s fucking up your personality, and at the same time try to find a good PE routine and believe in it. I recommend you Phallosan again, is probably the best extender, and combined with some PE will give you good results. But don’t forget to work out your personality problems, or it won’t take affect.

Islord (Spain)

If your goal is simply to get laid, I HIGHLY recommend reading all about the Mystery Method. There is an e-book called the “Venusian Arts” which was written by Mystery who is widely considered to be the best PUA of all time. If you want a more main stream book to get you into the PUA community, I highly recommend “The Game” by Neil Strauss. I did a lot of PUA stuff for the first two years of university and what can I say…. I like!


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