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A $.02 Ball Zinger

made a ring with a 2” long zinc rod that I drilled a 1/8” through, and a 2” copper tube, some latex tubing and I got my self a Tom Hubberts ring. I put warm water into the ring so that it runs through the ring. This I find causes .78v between the dissimilar metals, when it is warn around my balls and dick, I get tremendous morning erections.

I have two basic types, one consists of two pieces of dissimilar metals, and the other 4 pieces of metal. that is 2x1.5X3/8” copper tube and 2 X1.5x3/8” drilled zinc rod. With the both connected in an alternate mode, that is 1 zinc followed by 1 copper, another zinc and then the copper, all connected with 3/8” latex tubing. The result is a voltage of approx. 1.4 volts generated across the package, the voltage is serries aiding, .72+.72V. I find that if I wear both types of rings I get a much better erection and shoot larger loads. The wife thinks it’s bloody great.

PS how did you get 1.4V across the zinger?. How did you measure the voltage? Thanks for confirming that the zinger works for you.

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The 1.4 volts is similar in nature to having two silicone diodes in series, they both have .7 drop across them. You measure the Voltage drop with a DVM that has an internal impedance of 10 meg or greater impedance.

I don’t know what made this thread pop up in the homepage, but while it’s here I’ll bump the thread! :D

I remember reading about these ballzinger things a long time ago when I joined Thunder’s. I read many posts on how to construct one, what materials to use, etcetera.

What I never could figure out is, do they even work? What are they supposed to do? Could one of you *ahem* old-timers tell us what the deal is with this thing, anyway? :rolleyes:

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I think it all stems from Tom Hubbard’s original design ( - Ball Zinger - Penis workshop ), that is at least where all the recent commercial forms spring from.

Do they work? Imo they are snake oil. They’ve been around since WWII or before and if they were as impressive as suggested, they would be given out free to men by their doctors at the slightest hint of problems with sexual function.

Whether they work or not rather depends on the individual. If you are fairly sweaty down below then there is more fluid to help in the electrical generation. It would also depend on skin thickness.

Also they can cause irritation and rash, but this may be more to do with imputities in the metal. Aluminium (aluminum) is not a good idea as it has been responsible for cancer - even in cooking utensils.

I tried them and had very little success

The are supposed to work by the small electrical current generated (about 1.5 volts;/ microamps) which in turn stimulates the nerves into producing more sperm etc. Also they are said to be useful in ED problems by as it were irritating the muscles to bring on a erection.

That’s a whole pile of cards petit.

I think a lot of people know the claims, it’s just unclear what those claims are built on (if anything).

It’s like pills/patches/potions are supposed to increase the size of your dick. Like pills, the zinger can have a placebo effect. Also it is a cock ring of sorts in most designs and that will have an effect.

I wear mine when I think about putting it on. Towards the morning hours I usually have to take it off because the shocks are too much. Gives me better erections, heavier balls and better flacid.

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I agree with Desired too…
When I first started wearing the ballzinger about a year and half ago, I got the hardest erections I had for a long time. I was so impressed that I started to make them for friends and members as well. It did not work for everyone, but many bragged about it in this and other forums.
I only wear it casually now, since my original problems of having weak erections,that motivated me to use the ballzinger in the first place, was somehow cured. My flacid hand is improved and my balll are more relaxed and fuller. If you don’t believe me, too bad. I am not about to sell anybody on my results.

The only reason I am not wearing the ballzinger more often now, is because I have developed a slight allergy to the rubber latex, and cannot wear the zinger for more than 3 days without getting itchy. I am still developing a new version with another hypoalergic elastic material, but since I have always used the purest copper and zinc rod available, I never had a problem with irritation or rash.

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This is very interesting to me. I bought The Slightest Touch, which from what I can tell from this thread is a ballzinger for women. It does work for me, with a small mod (I put the pads on the small of my back). It really speeds up orgasm. However, I don’t like it much because it speeds up orgasm without increasing arousal, so the effect is about as erotic, in my case, as getting my knee hit with a reflex hammer.

And it is definitely not the placebo effect, because it had no effect on me whatsoever when I used it as directed on my ankles.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Mmmmmm…very interesting Zaneblue,I have been trying to develop a woman’s ballzinger, and with a cooperative girlfriend I tried one shaped like an open “U” that will clip around the clit with the copper/zinc plates on each end of the open u. I did not seem to get too much results.

Could you give me more information about the Slightest Touch device? Where can I see one?

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You can find info about the Slightest Touch at, and a few comments on This is more to an electrostim device than a Zinger, it stimulate directly the according nerves for erotic purposes.

About the Ball Zinger: it’s main function is -in my opinion- to supply more zinc to the testicles. Many of us, men, have Zinc deficiency, which causes a lot of other problems, f.ex. the low testosterone levels which leads to some of insensitivity in glans and lover sexual desires and then some level of ED. So in cases which are related to Zinc deficiency, the Ball Zinger can work.

I used a homemade Ball Zinger for months, and I was satisfied with the results. Sometimes, when I find I need some ‘boost’, I use it for a few days again.


Thanks Greatorg for your information and confirmation that the zinger works, it is not total snake oil. Of course, everyone will have his own opinion or experience on this.

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Just to clarify

My “ballzinger” was an attempt to make a simpler, more accessible design than the plans which I show on the same page. Complete ripoff on my part ;-)

Unfortunately, I have no longer any way to get hold of the guy from whom I got the info.

The BZ worked well for me, but always got irritating after a few hours. I very rarely use it now since I’ve gotten onto L-Arginine.

Fun to see this thread come to life again. For the record, I’ve never gotten it together enough to make the two-cent BZ but it’s a great idea!

Hello all.

I hope someone can help.

I have just made my own ball-zinger version .

I use a 9 mm pure zinc rod and a 10 mm pure copper rod
And one 8 mm soft plastic tube, since I don’t have any latex tubing
I cut the rods in two like peaces , 1,5” or so.
I have measure and glued on the tube and sits nice around my balls and cock.

I just started to use it.

I take a measure instrument and measure a cross the rods. I got a reading of 0.7 v
This is when I wearing it. The rods is sitting close to my balls at this time.

Is this low or is it a good reading ?

If it’s low (bad voltage) : what can I do to get better readings ?

Another question is.

I also thinking about to connect a 9v battery to the rods to get better voltage readings.
I can solder two wires on the rods, a plus wire to the zinc rod and a minus wire to the copper rod. The battery can I have in my pocket or something.

And then the question:

Is this a bad idea or can this work ?

Will it help to reduce the time is takes to get a final result.


Best regards from Tommy


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