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A $.02 Ball Zinger

I’m using the strap and it works ok, being reasonably comfortable. Taping the coins on would pare things down and might be even more comfy.

I made a zinger with the velcro strap and developed a way to hold the pennies very effectively. First I place them on the strap where I want them to be then I use electrical tape and wrap the pennies around the strap twice. Than I take an exacto knife and cut out windows to expose the metals. This seems to hold very nicely wore it all last night and the whole day today.

Was reading up on tom’s site and it seems that magnesium and copper will be alot better than the zinc and copper combo. McMaster has some magnesium rods but the smallest they have is 5/8” but that shouldn’t be a problem. Has anyone tried this? And does anyone know how to find out how pure the magnesium rods at McMaster are? This could be the lines of a new generation of ballzingers!

Frankly, I doubt nut zappers work. For only 2 cents I’m trying one just for kicks.

I suspect the few credible guys (those not selling or helping to market them) reporting some positive results are experiencing easier and harder erections from wearing a cock ring. Other effects may be attributed to the placebo effect.

I haven’t noticed any results so far. Absolutely nothing. Remember, I’m wearing mine around balls only, so no cock ring is involved.

IMO, if zingers actually do anything beneficial it probably has to do with zinc being absorbed. I don’t know if the galvanic aspect plays a role. Maybe, but probably not. Chances are that insignificant amounts of zinc are absorbed, and these testicle tinglers belong in a quack museum along with all the other electric gadgets that were the rage many years ago.

Hey Hobby, don’t be so skeptical and try to build yourself a real zinger like in Tom’s site. Tell me what results have go noticed with your penny zinger.

I tried the penny zinger, but did not get same results. Maybe should use a more pure zinc with the copper penny. The copper is not difficult to find at Home Depot, and I also found pure zinc pellets (the stuff used to kill moss in grass) that claims to be 99.99% pure at Home Depot as well.

:sheepdo: BALLZINGER :sheepdo: :sheepdo:

Dedicated to Building the Perfect Zinger!

Lonelybb, this is a real zinger. It’s good to be skeptical. Here is one honest review of the Blakoe ring. Tom posted his design over 2 years ago. Many guys have tried it, yet there are very few reports of it doing anything. If it worked as advertised, wouldn’t it have immediately become hugely popular in the PE community, with scores of guys praising its miraculous effects? Instead, it dropped off the radar screen until someone selling them diligently renewed the topic. Doesn’t that indicate something about its true effectiveness?

I’m getting approximately .7 volts, sometimes into the low .8’s. The zinc is presumably 99.99% pure. The copper is 95% pure.

I figured someone would suggest that a “real zinger” is required to get results. How is the one you sell any different than mine, apart from price of course? Does it produce more volts or have special magic electrons?

>I tried the penny zinger, but did not get same results.

How long did you use it? Considering I posted the idea less than a week ago, it must not have been very long. If you aren’t using the latex band, aka cock ring, you probably won’t see “results” from any nut zapper. As I said before, I suspect the cock ring itself is responsible for the effects some people report.

Hobby, I am familiar with the negative article by gilburton, which is the ONLY review that had been going around and around for sometime now. There has to be more than one “independent” article about the Blakoe, besides the ragging endorsements by the users themselves.

My initial opinion about the Zinger was skepticism at the beginning, but after building one, and wearing it for just a few days, I could feel a noticeable change. This motivated me to find out more about it, and read just about every posting is this forum about the zinger.
Like you, I am also curious to know why after several months of excellent reviews, a couple of years ago, I could not find much follow up on long term effects from the original users.

Your $0.02 zinger may use the same principle, and it is a great idea for everyone to “test drive” , but I think that because of the difficulty in removing ALL of the copper platting from the zinc penny, it did not produce the same effect as using a pure zinc penny. I found it much easier to build a real ballzinger than the two cent one.

Yes, the slight constriction of the ring may have to role to play in its effect, but there must also a combination of the electrical current generated and the zinc ions. Why is Blakoe still selling them if they would not work? I didn’t see them in the quack museum.

:sheepdo: BALLZINGER :sheepdo: :sheepdo:

Dedicated to Building the Perfect Zinger!

I didn’t get any difference in voltage with about half the plating removed and all of the plating removed. It isn’t hard to sand a penny completely smooth. Lay the sandpaper on something flat and use your finger to move the penny back and forth. A glove or some cloth to protect your finger helps. It isn’t any harder than sawing off a zinc rod.

Why is Blakoe still selling them? Because some people are gullible and will buy damn near anything if it promises something they desire. Look at the penis enlarging pill business as an example. Or turn on your tv late at night and flip through the infomercials: magic weight loss pills and gadgets combined with loads of bullshit, lies, deception and misrepresentation. Yet people buy that junk. If they weren’t shelling out the dough the infomercials wouldn’t continue. People have always been and will always be willing to buy snake oil. The fact that something sells doesn’t mean it actually works.

You guys kick ass!
I just made one today, only took about 5 minutes. I had some 3/4” velcro cable ties, cut one to length and bought some 3/4” velcro circles for the pennies. The 3/4 circles are a perfect fit, you can get that stuff at a Home Depot or Lowes. If you have a rotary tool like a Dremel you can get the grind down your pennies in a minute flat… I just looped some duct tape to hold them down.

I was just thinking when the velcro sticky stuff dies from repeated cleanings, anyone try superglue?

Now I’ll just have to wait and see if there are any results…


Great idea! Way to go……Good ole American ingenuity- ha, ha…. Remember that most men get erections while sleeping. It is one of the tests that the docs give you to detect ED. They ask you to attach a small paper band on your unit before sleeping at night. If you wake up in the morning and it is broken then you don’t have a physical problem….I’d hate for you to get hurt while wearing a cock ring at night. Ltr, Gtr….

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

Yeah, I had a bad experience once wearing a ring overnight, and now I refuse to wear any device - even a zinger on balls only - while I sleep. It may not hurt anything, but I’m not taking the chance of rolling into a position where it cuts off or reduces circulation to my nuts.

mike_rach, good idea. Might have to clean off the remnants of the other adhesive first. Acetone, maybe?

Hobby, ever use the stuff Goo Gone? Best stuff I have used removing the junk from adhesive labels, even that double sided sticky tape. I think it’s some kinda citrus cleaner so it might be more friendly to the boys too… ;)

Hey guys,

Finally had to check in on this thread after getting emails about it. This is a riot. Hobby, if I were to give a gold Tom Hubbard award, I would have to make a platinum one for you - “This thing ain’t worth sh^t, and I’m STILL gonna show you, for FREE, how to make one FOR PENNIES!” I love it!

What I haven’t gotten from this thread (maybe I went too fast) is what makes for a comfortable, reusable strap. I’m tempted to order a plain leather cock ring. Velcro scratches. Has someone found something at Walmart? (Sorry if I’ve missed it here.) I’ll have to update the BZ page when the dust settles on this thread: i.e., when the last morsel of technical information is swallowed by the efficaciousness debate.

So you want to get serious about this? You’ve saved those little green pieces of paper that entitle you to pay a portion of the debt owed by the US Government to the owners of the planet, by scrounging the pennies people drop on the sidewalk. Why not spend the paper on a tube of Ten20 electrode paste and just stick the pennies to your scrotum? Adhesive AND conductive. C’mon guys, get with it!

Regarding Gilburto - I remember suffering through his ‘authoritative’ prose back in the days when I frequented that gentle, loving Newart PE Forum. I won’t call Gilburto a self-righteous, pompous ass, because I don’t believe in calling someone a self-righteous, pompous ass, even if a person is a self-righteous, pompous ass.

If you know what I mean.

A platinum award…wow! Thank you.

The velcro strap works pretty well and is getting even better the more it breaks in. Only the soft part touches skin, which I don’t find scratchy or irritating. The edge opposite the fold isn’t as comfortable as the fold, and this “sharper” edge works better on top. I’ve had it on during waking hours every day and usually don’t notice it.

Leather should work too.

How sticky is the Ten20 paste? Enough to hold pennies on sweaty balls by itself?

Something to consider when selecting a method of attachment is the ability to clean the thing. A strap living on sweaty nads and near the ‘taint all day eventually needs some care.

I washed my velcro strap today with cool water and dish soap. I left the coins attached. The adhesive held. No problems. I don’t know how it will fare with repeated washing, but once didn’t hurt it.


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