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A $.02 Ball Zinger

Whatever adhesive you used, your sweat would still need to come into contact with the metal, so it might be difficult to get good contact.

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Originally Posted by Tube
Whatever adhesive you used, your sweat would still need to come into contact with the metal, so it might be difficult to get good contact.

I’m not saying this stuff will work, since I haven’t tried it. Yet please note that is is adhesive AND conductive, since it is made to stick to skin AND conduct electricity.

No sweat, as it were.

I got a small sock, cut it and rolled it down over an elastic band. Got my sanded pennies and drilled 2 small holes in each of them, put thread through and tied them to the cloth ring. I have 4 pennies on the ring. While on I wetted them with some salty water and got a good zinging effect. Conducitve gel for those electric ab machines may work too, or rubbing salt into vaseline or KY.

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The idea of wearing a ballzinger is to just forget about it, and let it do its work naturally. Once you start adding stuff like salt water, salted vaseline, ball glue, conductive gel, KY (???), it just gets too messy.

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Here’s a pic, sort of. Sorry for the crappy image, but it’s the best I can do with a scanner.

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Hey guys anybody getting any luck with any of the zingers? Hobby have you made any others?

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I took a 2002 penny and sanded it smooth with a Dremel tool (it looks silver). Then I did the same thing with a 1976 penny (the copper is nice and shiny). I put the both on my leg about 1” apart and got a voltage of .572!


I find the voltage is higher the lower the coins ride on my nuts. Maybe because they are pressed against my balls tighter and make better contact with the skin. .7’s are typical, occasionally into the low .8’s. Helps to have sweaty balls. :) Mine are shaved, which may help too.

>Hey guys anybody getting any luck with any of the zingers? Hobby have you made any others?

Nope, just one.

hobby, how about an update?


Zapping scrotum skin had no noticeable effect on erections or anything else. I’m glad the zinger didn’t cost much. :)

thanks man


contrary to Hobby’s assesment of the zinger, we already know that it does not work for him. No need to keep beating a dead horse…

However, for those that have found new “life” wearing the zinger, it is a priceless tool, regardless of how much it cost to build one.

In my opinion, the original blakoe ring, as well as tom hubbard’s cheap solution “ballzinger”, it must be a combination of several factors such as the copper/zinc interaction, the small electrical voltage created ( 0.5 - 0.8V)and the slight constriction of the ring itself that create the “miracle” .

I have been wearing mine for six months now and can definetely say that it works for me. I do notice the difference.

I have not tested the $0.2 zinger as per hobby’s design, but I feel it lacks the other elements to be truly functional.

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lonelybb - I just reviewed all of your posts in this thread and you have yet to say exactly what results you’re getting. Can you share with us the specific changes you’ve noticed? Thanks.

Fair enough westla, I have a few more postings than in this thread. But for fearing that it may bore you, I will give you some background:

For the longest of time, since my late 30’s I had problems with maintaining a hard rock erection for a reasonable length of time, there wasn’t anything physically wrong with me, but I felt a bit embarrassed with my performance. Eventually I started having difficulty having an erection at all, and I toyed with the idea of ED since I stopped having erections in the morning. Sacre Bleu..! what is a man to do?? Was it physical or physiological?

I experimented with Viagra, and it did make a difference, but it only lasted while under the influence of the drug. I still had problems with morning erections and naturally maintaining it for a period of time. I was almost resigned to this fate until I found Thunder’s forum while doing research on the blakoe ring. Being a cheap guy, I was delighted to find Tom Hubbard’s posting and the ballzinger as a cheap alternative to the expensive blakoe ring. That was in February of this year. Of course I joined this forum to gather more information and find others that shared the experience.

Six months later, after wearing the ballzinger, I can certainly confirm the following results:
**my morning erections have returned and are as hard as they ever been (girlfriend very happy about it)
**my balls feel fuller and more relaxed (hang lower)
**the base of my penis seems a lot firmer, robust and veins are larger and more noticeable when erect (I am very pleased)
**flaccid hang is larger and I have a nice warm feeling when I grab my whole bundle. (Girlfriend likes it.)
**ejaculation is a lot stronger with more ejaculate and even able to have two consecutive cums (anyone need explanation?)
**I stopped using Viagra, and only use it occasionally for more fun and longer lasting lovemaking

I cannot confirm that I have achieved permanent enlargement of my penis, I have not done PE to any extend to brag about it.

What I can confirm is that I am very satisfied with my new found enhanced sexual enjoyment, whether the improvement was physical or physiological, I do not care.

Anyone else out there wanting to back me up on the results wearing the zinger?

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