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A $.02 Ball Zinger

Originally Posted by Stumppuller71
It looks like this thread has died , too bad!!!!! The ball zinger really works!!

It does?

What are the effects?

This is one branch of PE (or is that BE?) I am very skeptical of… I read the first few posts in this thread and didn’t see what the supposed results were?

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

I am back again for a short comment…

Congratulation Stump for the excellent results you are getting. You just confirm again what I’ve been saying all along: The zinger works, but some many not get the same results.
Don’t worry about the 3/8 pure zinc rods, I still have a good supply, as well as pure solid copper rod in case you are in need. It seems that zinc and copper have increased dramatically in price due to high demand.

I am also glad to find that my friend d..moT is around again. Thanks moT for the news. Too bad you couldn’t make it to Canada.

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lonelybb, where did you get the solid copper?


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I don’t have a physics background, but was wondering if the same results can be obtained by taping 2 watch batteries on opposite sides of the penis.

Will this work?

Where to buy pure zinc?

Interesting reading - Seems like BZ’s work for some and not for others. I’m in Stumppuller71’s situation, and am using a 1/4” hot dipped galvanized bolt shank for the zinc electrode. Does anyone know of a source for relatively pure zinc rods? I called one place and was quoted $170 for a 5mm x 100mm pure zinc rod. A little pricey. I’m tempted to use boating sacrificial anodes, but am not sure of their purity / safety. Any info would be appreciated. MC

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Big Fat, I got the solid copper rod (99.99% purity) and zinc (99.995% purity) from a commercial smelting company in Canada. These rods are both 3/8” in diameter, which I consider the ideal size to built the ballzinger.

I will not recommend using a battery of any type next to your balls. The voltage or amperage may be too high and could hurt you. The natural voltage produced by the copper/zinc combination will not be more than 0.5—0.8 volts.

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Dedicated to Building the Perfect Zinger!

I made my $.02 zinger today. I guess we’ll see how it works in the weeks to come.

What are you expecting it to do?

I would really like to see my balls a little bigger and hanging a little lower.who knows.this might be a waste of time.

Thanks to all I just made my first zinger.Bought 2 gage electric wire from home depot,and 1/2 zinc rod from local boat supply.Heated them up pounded them flat,drilled 4 holes attach with rubber bands. .82volts.Quite a unique sensation.

Originally Posted by Chris Potter
Thanks to all I just made my first zinger.Bought 2 gage electric wire from home depot,and 1/2 zinc rod from local boat supply.Heated them up pounded them flat,drilled 4 holes attach with rubber bands. .82volts.Quite a unique sensation.


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Hey everybody, Ive been gone a while but just wanted to give an update. The first six weeks wearing the ball zinger I was in heaven and feeling like a teenager again, but for some reason after the 6 week mark the gains leveled out and felt almost like they stopped. I didn’t wear the zinger too much until today. I made one out of 3/8 copper tubing from home depot. I was desperate for zinc so I used the smooth part of a 3/8 zinc coated bolt. And of course the 3/8 rubber slingshot tubing to connect the rods. Ive only had this thing on for 20 min and I can feel a little tingling!!! I think after a while you become physically adapted to the powers of the zinger. And maybe the only way to make the zinger work for people like this,(me), is to either take a de-conditioning break to sensitize yourself to the effects of the zinger OR increase the voltage..??????? I could be totally off on this one… Please let me know what you think of this. :)

I’ve had quite a bit of experience with the Zinger thing. I made my first one with materials from McMasters and home depot. I’ve rigged different ways to wear it, from the tubes to shoestring to stretchy hair ties. I ordered a silver and zinc one from ebay and liked it, but I lost it dancing last night. I ordered another one, and then I popped by this forum after a number of months absence.

I found a couple of pennies, whipped them up with my roto-tool and I’ll be damned if I don’t have more stimulation with the pennies than all the other stuff before! I wish I had tried this before I went back on ebay!


Good for you. This thread is probably even more useful in today’s trying financial times.

I still don’t think zingers do anything useful, but a frugal guy can make one for next to nothing.


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