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Your thoughts when seeing bigger

Your thoughts when seeing bigger

Hi guys.

Knowing how aware I always am of how I compare to other guys I see in for instance lockerrooms and so on, I am curious to know if this is something all guys are aware of or if it´s just me.

Being on the small side, both when soft and hard, I am used to other guys having bigger dicks than me in the lockerroom or showers. Mostly it´s averagely equipped guys which can be difficult enough having to accept, but then there are those guys who positively dwarf a modestly equipped guy like myself. I have seen several guys who have soft dicks which I couldn´t even match if I got mine hard, and then some..

I know how that makes me feel but now I am curious to know how the rest of you react in similar situations.

Please respond also if you are at the other end of the same stick, as I am curious about how guys like that view somebody like me.

Thank you

Välkommen :)

I had your same thoughts, but I think it’s completely normal :D

Hej Då ;)

Except for the very big guys, I think most men think they are smaller.

Ever notice that the big guys just love standing around naked as long as they can to show off? I don’t blame them though, that’ll be me someday. :buttrock:

Then again, there’s always one fat hairy guy with a small penis who seems to just hang out naked in the changing room all fucking day. :dissap:

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

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I am very aware of everyone else being bigger, but then again, I suffered turtle dick and everyone really was. I wanted so bad to have a cock that hung long and thick and finally, my dream is coming true. Maybe all those big guys have been tugging on their cocks since birth!!!

Thanks for all the quick replies guys. I wish you could be more specific though and maybe include an anecdote of a experience which has stuck in your mind, or which this thread made you think of. For instance, did you have any idea who that guy was ? How did you feel when seeing him ? Possibly a estimation of how large you think the guy´s cock was.

I feel small, both physically and mentally. I totally loose my self confidence and won’t recover until hours after getting my clothes on.
That’s why I PE. The only original reason. Nowadays I added a few other reasons.


My reaction always has been “nice hang, would feel quite good to show a flaccid like that, but he is probably just a shower and not a grower like me”. Since I’m not the kind of guy that feels inclined to test this particular assumption it keeps me in a good mood. Some would call it a good example of self deception, I’m aware of that but do not listen.

One of my best friends supposedly has almost 9 inches. After a hockey game in the locker room I noticed that his dick was a third of the way down his leg. Flaccid. After skating for a hour. I am grower not a shower so I felt even worse. I was depressed for a long time cause of this. And then I always have to hear how women love it and how women complain about less endowed guys. But on the other hand he’s got horrible back problems, no style, and a lot of other problems that I don’t have. I guess it kind of evens out.

Hi Snorre

I thought I had a small penis (5 1/2”) after seeing other guys in the shower, just like you posted yourself.

I remember a day that will always make me feel like ‘the man’ when I think if it.

I went to college with a guy who was rumored to have a 8” penis and all the girls we’re after his just to find out, I really liked this girl but she wanted nothing of it as she was after the 8” man chicken.

Eventually she got it and said he was no good in bed, soon after me and her got together ( we split up after a while but thats irrelevant) and the guy in question turned out that he was gay.

Not saying that having a big Wang makes you gay, or that being gay is a bad thing, just that a big penis isn’t all that women are after

But I want a bigger one!

Isn’t all they are after but it proves it is very important since she opted for him over you.

For me the combination of jelqing for thirty minutes manually and thirty minutes with the power jelq,
followed by pumping at 7psi for 45minutes gives me a fantastic flaccid, (though usually I hang for an hour before pumping) even if I don’t I have a fantastic flaccid. The problem is what to do with it once you got it.
I find I’m always…I mean ALWAYS moving it here and there to get comfortable, before I sit I have to move it,
or I’ll sit on it, when I stand, I got to move it to the right so it feels right, after I sit down in the car,
it’s sort of a pain. I’m always moving it around. I don’t wear underwear so I’m sure that doesn’t help but I like showing it off :D

Believe me when I tell you, I was definitely a grower not a shower, I never let any girl see me completely soft
before PE, I just couldn’t. Now they can check it out without me taking my clothes off anytime they want,
and I catch them all the time. Love it, love it, love it.

I’m going to start adding cable clamping to my routine now.

I knew this guy once, in my teen years, to this day I haven’t seen anyone with a more impressive bulge,
this guy always had this bulge where at some point when hanging out in mixed company
some chic would finally have to go and mention it, he always wore tight faded jeans, but he wasn’t trying to show it off intentionally. If you met him, you’d know what I mean, he had some brain damage from a very high fever from measles, completely erased his memory of reading and writing, he never bothered to relearn it, to give you an idea, his nickname was Daffer.
These girls didn’t care though, they wanted him to whip it out, and he would always oblige, he got to use it on quite a few too.
Right now I’m positive our “bulges” would be indistinguishable, especially since I had seen him flaccid so many
damn times thanks to the enquiring minds of many a teenage girl, I know my flaccid is even larger than his was.
Though I never seen him hard, there was this one girl who had said it didn’t get much bigger.

I was always self consequences of it but one day I realized that size was in the eyes of the beholder literally. A lot of men look small to themselves and they get caught up in that fear of being smaller than others. Then it accrued to me that to some men that are caught up in that same fear may think I look larger than I think I do.

The day that all of this came to me was when I was out fishing with my brother-in-law who I considered huge and I had to take a piss real bad, but we were out in a boat so my choices where limited. I tried to hold it as long as I could but finally had no choice but to let it out. The first thing that came to my mind was “damn I don’t want him seeing my dick”, because I had seen his and it was “huge” to me. I finally wiped that thing out and the first thing out of his mouth was “damn how did you get such a fat bastard”. I did not know what to say because I had been wrapped up in my own thoughts of not measuring up I never thought how I may appear to other guys other than small.

A dick always looks bigger when it’s being sported by another guy.


I know exactly what you mean… When I used to work out at the club it always seemed as if there was a monster flopping around in the locker room.


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