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Your thoughts when seeing bigger

I would avoid those situations on purpose, like at the pool I’d change in a bathroom stall. I just figured “oh well if I can’t see it it doesn’t exsist” which made me feel better about myself. Neat thread I’ve always wondered the same thing :) .

I’d like to add, to me, PE and having a larger flaccid go hand in hand, if you don’t have one,

your not doing something right. In other words, the very least you should get out of PE’ing is a larger flaccid.

I have noticed since I’ve been doing PE and my flaccid is bigger, I have to stand further away from the urinals when I piss. (damn run on sentence). And now when I glance not look, over at the guy next to me they seem to be in the freaking urinal! And I think to myself thank God I’m not hiding in the urinal anymore. Now I just have to make sure I’m not the guy standing three feet away from the urinal whistling while he pisses!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Originally Posted by regularwhiteguy

I know exactly what you mean… When I used to work out at the club it always seemed as if there was a monster flopping around in the locker room.


Sorry, RWG, didn’t mean to scare you like that…lol.

Snorre, it’s completely normal. Although if you find yourself wandering in to men’s locker rooms just to check out their dicks I would seek professional help.



You are never going to have the biggest banana in the bunch. It is true that your dick will look smaller to yourself and larger to someone else.

Take a picture of your dick and you will be amazed at how it looks from outside of your own prespective.

Force yourself to parade around naked in front of others and don’t be ashamed of what you got. (You are forced to do this in the military) You will find that you may get a few glances. Most will ignore you. But no one will make a comment on the size of your dick one way or the other.

Has anyone ever had some guy come over to you in the locker room and say “My dick is bigger than yours!” I don’t think this would ever happen. But even if it did. All you would have to say is, “So freaking what!” Then you won!

"Drunk chics dig me."

This reminds me of a joke that you have to hear. (Abridged version)
A guy got a prostitute, and took her to a hotel. They we’re about to get it on, when the man dropped his pants and exposed his very small dink to the prostitute. She saw how small it was and started to snicker, saying: “now Sugar, who you gonna please with that?”
The man didn’t miss a beat. He just looked up at her, threw his cash on the bed and said:

Now that I have found PE, I am going to retire this joke. I no longer need it to make myself feel better anymore.

I have found that since I started PE about 2 weeks ago, my erections are stronger and I have a longer flaccid penis.
PE is healthy for your penis in my opinion, even if you don’t gain anything.
It gives you stronger erections and is a huge confidence booster.
BTW, never underestimate the power of Jelqs

-Rubber Ninja

I live in SoCal, aka, the land of the long bananna,

I know I will never reach a fraction of what I see in the locker room every day. It amazes me that a vagina can take such monsters. I’ve also learned not to date the local tang….

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Originally Posted by Redwood1981
Then again, there’s always one fat hairy guy with a small penis who seems to just hang out naked in the changing room all fucking day. :dissap:

Oh my god! :rolling: You are right on the money my man!

How many times will I go to Bally’s and see some fat guy with a shrunken red-hot sitting there waiting for people to look at him or sitting there talking to everybody like he is all proud? :morose:

Sorry, off topic.

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Originally Posted by Sex&Guns

Oh my god! :rolling: You are right on the money my man!

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to encounter this, I really wish these guys would just change fast and hide their shame.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

In my gym several of the guys considered very large usually hang out naked for extended periods and talk to everyone, including my workout partner. There is even one guy who puts his leg up on a counter and blow drys his pubic hair after he has showered. I was probably more comfortable before I began PE. Perhaps I am paranoid but on my really big hang days people keep throwing glances down at my cock; its unnerving.

One guy in my gym is particularly bad. My work out partner is very well hung ( He claims about 8.75 NBP which could be true because his flaccid hang is about 7 inches ). The “dick looker” as we call him was checking him out one day and my workout partner looked over and said, “Its just shy of 9 inches, in case you were wondering”. The guy left hurriedly without saying a word and the locker room erupted with laughter.


In any case the only thing you can really find out for yourself (and for the other peeps :leftie: taking a piss at eg. a club) is whether they are confident / satisfied with their dick length or not. Since I started PE I gained some flaccid I do notice some guys actually freaking trying to hide their dick while taking a piss (of course when I’m doing the same in a not showing off manner.. Heck I wouldn’t know what to show off really).
This wasn’t before I started PE, but then what changed so much for me wasn’t really PE, but being at peace with my dick size and even more important my self than I ever was. To me it seems that a lot of people are still stuck in their “being afraid” (or whatever you want to call it) state which can show up as the “hiders”.
And yeah, I do get some crotch watchers (+ smiles) since I - for the first time in my life - don’t totally hide my dick like I unconsciously used to.
I really think this is mainly due to me being at peace with myself.. But then maybe PE did change something physical as well (a little).

These “changes” feel very weird to me..


P.S: I’m still in the process of evaluating whether I should like these changes or not.. Time will tell (probably) :)

She said you had a small dick huh? Well just remind her of what Tom Arnold said about his soon to be ex-wife, Roseanne, when she said very publicly that he had a little dick - "Hell, even a 747 looks small when you put it in the Grand Canyon". START: 2004-12-06 EBPL 6.70" BPEL, EG 5" CURRENT STATUS: Full Healing Break (Plasticized ligaments need time to heal -- Beware the rotating manual stretches ;) ) 2005-01-07 EBPL 7.68", EG 5" GOAL: EBPL 8.5" (ENBPL 7.9"), EG 6"

I just joined a couple of days ago and I’m already starting to love you guys. I laughed the whole time reading this thread. I’m also, as you would say, a hider. I actually have a nice size penis while erect, but in the flaccid state I look pretty small. I started PE today and I can’t wait for the day that I can stand around the locker room without shame. Until then, I’m going to try my best to be consistent with the exercises. You guys have really motivated me, Thanks!

Originally Posted by ys
And yeah, I do get some crotch watchers (+ smiles) since I - for the first time in my life - don’t totally [you]hide[/you] my dick like I unconsciously used to.

Let’s be honest here: don’t kid yourself there is nothing unconscious about hiding. I mean really.

My thought is that, as a general rule, we’re all socialized to be self-conscious and wigged out about our sexuality.

Male nudity is also far less inculcated into the mainstream culture. In the movies how many titty shots do we see? It can hardly a movie without at tit-shot. Female full frontal nudity? Somewhat less, but still prevalent. Male nudity? In American cinema hardly at all, European somewhat more, but it’s still rare compared to what we see of women. I mean we see a lot of women, what do women get to see? Harvey Keitel in The Piano?

It’s interesting to note that there are larger members ;) who are just as self-conscious of observation as the smaller ones.
Some people are naturally exhibitionist, some people are naturally shy. This too figures in to the equation.

I don’t know. For me, crotch watchers make me uncomfortable - whether it’s that I’m being cruised (don’t swing that way), or just being compared (mind your own business, pal), it bothers me. The irony is that, like most, I’m naturally curious (What’s he packin? Is it as big as mine?). So, even though I try to be discreet, if I’m honest, I’m gonna look. Just as guilty as the next guy, and the guy after that. Don’t get me wrong I’m not ‘the dick looker’ from hughGRection’s post, and what I’m talking about is not really in the same category as the staring that guy was obviously guilty of (What’s the matter buddy, haven’t you seen a 9” dick before?). I’m just saying that we’re all naturally a little curious.

Originally Posted by Redwood1981
Men are highly competitive, it’s in our nature.

Dead on.

I just wish I could get to a place where I honestly don’t care. I don’t think that any size gain is going to take care of this for me.
I think it’s a totally different kind of adjustment. Intellectually, of course, I’m fine with it (as in: He’s big, so what?).
But in reality, or the locker-room to be exact, if I’m honest with myself, it’s an issue.

I think though the most traumatizing moment I’ve had in the locker-room was when I saw the fat hairy guy who had a scar and a pee-hole where his dick should’ve been. That sight put all my problems into serious perspective.

No matter how bad you think you have it — it could always be worse.

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