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Your thoughts when seeing bigger

Originally Posted by OneHungLo
Dissing a guys dick at a urinal should be somewhere around the 11th commandment

This is the PERFECT opportunity to turn towards the guy dissing you and say “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said” as you piss all over his leg and shoes.

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

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Originally Posted by thinktank
I work out with a bunch of my friends and we are often in the locker room changing.I don’t value their friendship or worth on what dick size they have.matter of fact I don’t know and don’t look.our worth as men doesn’t come from the size of our dicks.there is so much more to being a man than dick size.although I do not lack for size flaccid or erect, who I am is much more than the size of my dick.just a thought

I type allot, and find that punctuation is the only way to write expressively. With that said, most of my friends spell poorly and have bad punctuation habits. I don’t value their friendship or worth on how well they write. There is so much more to being a man then being able to punctuate. Who I am is much more then any writing skills I might have.

Just A thought…

I was attempting to apply you point in other areas. Amazingly it sounds just as stupid.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Q: Your thoughts when seeing bigger?

A: “Oh my! What a large penis!


I just graduated last year and I was never embarassed in the locker room.. When I was younger I really never thought about it until I pissin in the locker room and several of the guys we’re like “dammit, I hate you!”. Still I never really paid any attention to anyone else but I got a lot of comments from the girls, which did not bother me any. And I still want to impress my fiance even more so here I am. But every once in a while I was one of the guys walking around that everyone wanted to strangle and yet I never even cared about any body elses. So I guess what I am trying to say is it is in the eye of the beholder, and some people just are not to worried about it as well or just don’t think about it floppin around.


Dead eye: Lighten up. I could be that guy parading around the locker room if I wanted to be. I choose not to do so and the guys I work out with are just as discrete. Flaccid I am anywhere from 6 1/2 to 8 inches (with tumescence) BP. Flaccid girth is 5 inches. Erect BP is 8 1/2” with 5 1/2” shaft girth. Glans girth is bigger. I realize that there are guys bigger than me on this forum. I, as a newbie, congratulate all the hard work I see here. My point was that dick size is just one facet of any man’s life. What we are publically, privately, and professionally, and how we stack up as fathers, husbands, and as a friend are more important than dick size. We all wear many hats as men. We’re I smaller, I would not let some jerk ruin my life or self concept by untoward comments. I am only saying that we don’t get our worth as men from the size of our dicks. So what am I doing on this board? I would like to be bigger in girth and I would like to halt the ravages of age and hit bottom occasionally again. My father was a huge guy and I always felt dwarfed by him. Maybe I am here to purge those feelings of inferiority that I felt as a young man when taking a leak with my dad in the woods. Those are my sincere thoughts. If I offended anyone, there was no intent to do so.

Here’s a couple:

A few years ago, when I was working out one morning, a new couple came in. It was a bit unusual, as the early morning crowd changed very rarely, They were a nice addition. The guy was a big burly sort and new what he was doing in the gym. The woman was this tiny little 9.75 of a spinner. I kept my eye on her more or less the rest of my workout.

Later, when I walked out of my shower stall, the guy was standing there in the communal drying area. Hanging from his crotch was a cock that looked, at least to me, to be the size of an egg plant. The first thing that shot through my mind was that tiny little woman. Heck, this thing was practically as big as her waist! They came regularly for about a month, but then never came in again.

On another occassion, I was visiting my brother at college. There was a basketball player that lived on his floor. One time I walked into the shower room and he was in it. His cock was amazing. It was reasonably thick, but hung a good two thirds of the way down his leg. On me that would be 10 or more inches. But he was a lot taller than me. I remember just standing there stunned for a minute. I ended up leaving and taking a shower later.

More recently, a friend of mine told me that a mutual acqaintance had an enormous cock. Some time later, while at a party, she and another girl coaxed this guy to take it out and stroked him up hard. It was ridiculous. I am pretty good with spatial relationships and comparisons. This guy was about the size of a standard aerosol can. The killer was they told me that this woman who was at the party, again a tiny little thing, had dome anal with him. I just can’t imagine something as thick as her forearm could make that trip comfortably.

None of these traumatized me, but I can remember the reactions.

I was always private about my genitals and covered up—guess I thought it was the right thing to do. I do walk around nude in the locker room now. I enjoy my nakedness. When I see a cock as big as mine or bigger, (since I started PE I rarely hang flaccid less than 7”), I’m impressed. I guess I’ve graduated from a grower to a shower. But I don’t normally look at other guys’ dicks. BTW, I’m well-endowed, but I always thought of myself as average.

The Mrs. said something interesting today. We were changing our grandson’s diaper and he had an erection. (He’s well endowed for a toddler). He’s going to pee on me she said. Not necessarily I responded. What do you mean, she said. The penis is always in a state of flux throughout the day, from completely flaccid and retracted to erect, I said. It must be uncomfortable, hanging like that? she concluded, referring to my hang. Not at all, I smiled back.


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Originally Posted by horsehung

We were changing our grandson’s diaper and he had an erection. (He’s well endowed for a toddler). He’s going to pee on me she said.

I raised three boys. Treat it like a loaded gun. Always.

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I don’t care much about other guys sizes. If they make a comment or laugh just let it roll off your back. If you still can’t best come back to any small penis comment is: “Ha ha ha, I have a little dick, so what? Why do you care? Are you gonna be fucking me later?” or of course who can forget, “Thats not what your mom said.”

Just remember that there will always be somebody bigger than you, as well as smaller than you.

Size is reletive, a 6 inch penis will look bigger if the person with the penis was only 5 foot tall than if the person with the penis was 6 foot tall.

For those of you who think you are small, look at your penis in the mirror, it will look a lot bigger than if you are looking down onto it.

Dick size doesen’t matter if you have a 7 inch tounge!

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just tryin to fullfil the destiny of the black sterotype lol

Locker room cases like these are difficult because of perspective. When you look down at you’re own member, think of it as looking down at a tube that is angled to look very short. But, when that tube is further away and held upright, you can see the full length. So every guy in the locker room might have the same complex (except for the truly massive guys). Since there are no mirrors in most changing areas or showers (I have only seen them over the sinks in locker rooms), these thought are common amongst most men.

Now seeing a really huge flaccid is another story.. I really try to stay out of situations where I have to be around nude men or where I myself have to be nude around men. At a campground I recently went to, they had “jailhouse” type showers, and since I was there for a week, I had to shower a few times. I really just waited until no one was in there, then went in, showered quickly, and left before anyone else came in. Only once, two other men came in and I did not look anywhere but the wall in front of me. I don’t know why I am so embarrassed, my flaccid size isn’t really small at all, it’s more average to slightly above average. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m uncut and I know all the prejudices toward uncut penises, especially in American culture.
That’s actually a big reason I’m here at thunders, to get big enough for people (girls especially, not only locker room guys) to look past these prejudices and see just a really nice member :)

I think almost all men think they are small subconsciously. What guy wouldn’t want to add on to there size. I no that I do and I am 8.2 bpl. And It’s weird it always looks small to me.

I still have problems with this even though I look pretty good flaccid, I still worry and get a little jealous sometimes. Heck, I still have trouble getting a stream started at the urinals.

I went through a lot of this in my life. I played a rather high level of hockey and it seems that hockey players are very open with their sexuality to say the least. Dick tricks were a big part of our agenda in the lockers, and there was always comments being tossed around in the locker rooms, and all of them were in good humour. I was always a shower, being about 4.25-5” flaccid and pretty thick too (a lot of this also had to do with how big it looks on me at 5’8” and around 135lbs then). I would get comments and the guys always made it a point to tell the puck bunnies that this little guy was packin’. Sure it got me laid more than a few times, and sure, I did the “helicopter” or the “Snail” for a few groups of girls.

Now I’m not a meat-gazer, but everybody looks at everybody elses stick, and of course there is always bigger guys around, and it always makes you think, “man I hope he never impales my girl with that thing.”, then it makes you wonder if your girl has ever had something that looks like a midget arm holding a crab-apple smashed into her. This one guy on our team had this huge hammer on him that looked like, in the cartoons, when someone steps on a fire hose and it gets that huge bulge in it. He also had two assholes, but that’s a whole other story. There was also a 6’2” guy that was rather small but had a good sense of humour about it. He would get in the locker room, drop his pants and go “Alright guys, get it over with, do your worst.” He would also look down at it, trembling there, and yell “I hate you dad! Why?”


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