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Your AutoXleeve routine?

Your AutoXleeve routine?

Hi, I need some ideas about a good AutoXleeve routine that actually worked for you [with results please].

currently I’m using:
Pink sleeve [lightest] for all-night sleep,
60% of days I use the Pink Sleeve for All day stretch as well
40% of days I use the Yellow Sleeve…

Not sure, but I don’t see too much progress… I’m putting my penis with the head that you can tie at the end,
and roll the sleeve on it (the penis is fluffed by the way), I never tie the end while I sleep because it is really bad for my sleep (not to mention the penis)…

anyways, please share :)

I use an X4 extender 5 to 7 hours a day, I sit at a computer at home or lie horizontally with X4. Daily, I walk at a local mall, and wear my xleeve with the weighted end piece. I have all 3 colors xleeve, light yellow(softest), blue(medium), red-pink(harder). I use the red while mall walking, the blue or red for a couple hours during the dinner hours. I rarely use the softest xleeve, and when bedtime arrives, I take a break from using any of the paraphernalia & gadgets.

I like to wear an xleeve to help do BTC (between the cheeks) stretching, while laying on couch, watching tv at night. A few times a week, I have a vacuum attachment to the glans and a (less than a pound) weight that I use as another form of applying “pull”. I have in about 7 months almost doubled my flaccid length, and added about 2” to erect length. I have the advantage of being self retired, at home, and can “do” many hours each day, to get the results. It’s almost an obsession, and a fun one at that.

Thanks, I’m trying to add some sort of tying when I’m sitting with the yellow sleeve when I’m home at least…

Anyone else ?

no one is using autoxleeve? thought it was more popular…

Its been a while since anyone has posted on this one so I’ll post. I just got my AutoXleeve today from Monkeybar. Thanks man!! I ordered it on Monday of last week and here it is Monday this week waiting for me at the post office. I ordered the Gold Kit for about $140. I have 4 sleeves including the 5,9, and 14 oz. weights.

I am trying out the 9oz weight with the medium thick blue sleeve right now. It takes a few minutes to understand the mechanics of it, but no hasstle or frustration at all doing so. I measured myself and I am pulled to my erect length at 6.5 inches.

This device is extremely comfortable, I’ve been wearing it for 2 hours already and no pain unlike my JES that Ive been using for 4 years. As a matter of fact Monkeybar has even thrown in an extra sleeve for me to use with my JES since I bought the gold kit at no charge. Great service! Its good to see vendors who still throw in an extra goody for your patronage especially in these tough times.

Anyway I will use this setup for the rest of the day then switch to the night soft sleeve with 5 oz. weight and see how it goes when I sleep. I am going to use this as my primary PE device for the time being, using it all day and all night with no breaks 24/7 for as long as I can until I have to go back to work. I think that the longer I can keep it stretched out the longer I can keep my flacid at that length. Big Girtha said “Never let it turtle”, so this way I wont let it turtle. My flaccid is probably around 4.5 inches or so.

The gold kit also came with the plastic cap and hook, so theoretically I could hang weights from the red sleeve further on down the line. Coming from using a JES for so long with the noose system, this unit feels amazing and is actually comfortable! My hat is off to Monkeybar for coming up with such an amazing device.

I will drop into this post and post how my sessions go, good or bad from time to time. Anyone else been using the AutoXleeve for a while and have a good routine?

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Do NOT try to take a piss with the sleeve on even though you have taken off the weight! I almost blew my dick up trying to do so. Just as I let loose I felt an extreme pressure and thought to myself “Oh fuck”, so I stopped pissing and unrolled the sleeve as quickly as possible and waited a few seconds to release my piss again. Whew that was a close one. On the other hand I know now that the sleeve actually does put a considerable amount of compression and force along the shaft of the penis. That is for sure. So in summary:

Don’t piss with the sleeve one! Thanks.

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Hey guys who use the AutoXleeve, would you mind posting your routines on here? Ive tried reading through the 45+ pages of the review forum but its just too tedious. Im using the AXL as my main PE device for now. Until I decide what main training to go back to Im just gonna keep using my AXL until then.

Currently I am using the medium -thick blue sleeve with the 14oz. weight coupled with the 5oz. weight on top of each other. They actually work well and it doesn’t stress out the sleeve at all. I wear this rig nearly 24 hours a day, awake and sleep. No negative PI’s or positive. However it is very comfortable and I never turtle. Although the entire sleeve with both weights in it hangs down to almost my knees HA.

So please post your routine and any gains you’ve gotten from the AXL. Thanks.

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I’m gonna try this

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