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Work Issues

Work Issues

Where I work it requires me to move around a LOT, and stand up all day. I push baskets and stuff in and out of the store, and I’ve noticed something. My penis seems to shrink a little bit when I work too hard. But it goes back to normal after I’m able to rest for a little while. I was just wondering if this happens to anyone else?

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Sounds like it is just your circulation, as in when you use your muscles they need more oxygen hence more blood. You could try wearing and ADS or anti Turtle sleeve, just do a search and you will find more information on them. Alternatively try some supplements to improve circulation like Ginko Biloba.

Adrenaline could also be a factor, possibly.

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Many guys get the same problem after a workout at the gym. As has been mentioned It’s probably that your blood is being directed into other parts of the body which call up for added blood.

Providing it returns to normal when you stop working / out, There shouldn’t be a problem.
You might consider some supplements such as whey protein to help wth muscle growth

Do you drink pelnty of water?

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