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Found a PE'er at work


Found a PE'er at work

So, I was in the stall today. Sometimes I wonder if anyone else PE’s while at work. I obviously do not as I am afraid to wear an ADS or even weights at work (due to a buldge). Anyways, I was sittin in the stall doing my #2 when I heard someone next to me. I heard a click that sounded just like my clamp. Then I heard a few more. I’m 100% positive. I almost wanted to stop and ask him about it, but he stayed in the stall for quite some time. I just thought it was interesting to find someone clamping at work (and not me :) ).

Good thing you didn’t say anything, maybe it was a revolver.

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laughing out loud. Thats awesome. Listen, you should give him subliminal messages until he gets the idea and talks to you about it. Once you both realize that both of ya’ll PE I think that’ll be great motivation, to make sure you guys stick with regimens and what not.

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Clamping at work? Damn!!…..why didn’t I think of that?

Crapping at work?

Yes, one should always try to take craps at work in order to waste time. As long as your boss does not get pissed and accuse you of shooting up.

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Originally Posted by footeddie
I heard a click that sounded just like my clamp. Then I heard a few more.

For his sake let’s hope his farts don’t sound like that.

I’ve found quite a few who were making funny faces without any decent reasons though it doesn’t necessarily prove that they were kegeling.

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If this sort of shit happens again, wait for the guy to finish his business. Then while he’s washing his hands, approach the adjacent sink and ask rhetorically, ” doing some heavy clamping eh?”

If he turns red you’ll have your answer. If he shoots you a quizzical look, you’ll have your answer.

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why not just grab his crotch and squeeze hard.. then you’ll know for sure

It is an unmistakable sound. What else could he have been doing? You should have said, “Don’t forget to dry jelq between sets.”

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Ya, I’m 100% it was him clamping. No farts, no revolver etc… Maybe today I’ll hear a golf weight hit the floor or something :o .

Throw some toilet paper under his stall for wrap - then you’ll know..:p

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One of us, no doubt

It is a small world. What’s funny is not only do you work with a PEer he is probably one of us, more than likely a member here. Could be an MOSer but more than likely he is a Thunders member if he is clamping in the stall at work. What are the odds? We need a secret handshake or little hats with tassels or something.

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
We need a secret handshake or little hats with tassels or something.

Didnt someone just suggest grabbing him by the croutch?

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

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