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Will exercises improve my chances

Will exercises improve my chances

Hello All first time post long time reader. Well I’ve been doing PE off and on for about 2 years now and haven’t had any improvement. I think the reason Is because I’m not physically fit and I smoke. So I’ve started going to the gym a week ago 2 days a week and I mostly run to improve my overall stamina. And I’m wondering If this will improve my chances. Or should I focus on working out my legs or abs. I eat healthy and would take L arginine and think I’ve done really good PE exercises but I would barely gain. And lost my faith in it. So my plan is to become more healthy physically and then start back up again. On smoking I only smoke about 5 a day “but still it’s not good” and once I get insurance I’m gonna quit. So should I keep on jelqing or wait until I’m physically fit?

Also I’m was wondering are the electric heats pads good for a warm up. I’ve used the rice sock and hot wash rag but it’s more convenient to use a heat pad. I was considering a cheap heat pad from wall-greens “since I work there”.


Doing PE on and off is not going to do much for your unit. It’s like taking a ten minute stroll once a week to improve your health.

Follow the Newbie routine as suggested. It has helped thousands of others so it has a good record. That combined with your exercising routine should increase your chances. Although 3 days a week gym workouts would be better.

Get a book from the library - or buy one, on working out in the gym. Work your whole body. Specialising is for when you have attained overall good health

Quit smoking NOW!

Any heat is ok so long as it can target the pubic area, but don’t heat your balls too much.

Good luck!


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