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Cant wait to improve my routine!

Cant wait to improve my routine!

Iv’e been PEing for almost 2 weeks now and not much gains till now, though I feel much better about my dick by now.

Now when my dick is pretty much used to the newbie routine I want to improve it abit, adding another exercises, and changing grips.
what I do now is:

- 5 min hot wrap
- 3 sets of streches each stretch 30 secs of:
lower left, lower right, low stretch, forward stretch, left, right, and

Now, I need some help reguarding the stretches i should perform…
since my LOT is at around 8:00~ I dont think I have much to gain from ligs workout,there fore I dont need that much of lower stretches. and I should be doing more upper stretches(I think).
But it’s hard for me to grip my dick in upper position, i feel as if im totaly squeezing my head and causing it some damage.
And I also wanted to add another forward exercize like DLD blasters which people keep talking about, but I could never quite get how to do it is this (DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains) the way? Because I dislike working my pc muscles with my stretches, and i’ll have to get used to it.

- 300 wet jelqs against left curve i have (jelqing to the right)
- 5 min hot wrap warm up.

Now, does any one have any idea how can I improve this routine?


Hello PEler,

To improve your grip on the higher angle stretches, you could try using baby powder or a a glove of some sort to improve your grip.

I personally have never “gotten” DLD blasters, I tried them for a while then just gave up. The most effective stretch I have ever done is just the basic rotary (crank) stretch. As your lot is lower than it is high, you may consider inverted V stretches too, as a “forward” exercise.

You may want to increase your time jelqing. I stopped counting a long time ago, now I just jelq until I feel done. I assume that your dick is probably conditioned enough to handle this by now.

You may also want to add some specific girth exercises if that is your goal.

Good luck with PE :)


Thanks for your post.
I was just thinking about girth exersize… it will probebly Uli.
Btw, in uli I just do the ok mark with my hand, grab at the base of my penis and hold for some amount of seconds? For how long should I hold it?

And inverted V stretch is like V stretch when the dick head is pointing to the belly?

For the ULI you basically do what you decribed, but you move your grip towards the head, keeping a tight clamp. You may also find it useful to do some kegels to get extra blood in there when you put on the grip. If you’re doing it right, you should feel like your dick is going to explode ;)
You don’t have to grip right at the base either.

In an inverted V stretch your head will be facing down, like and upside-down “V”

Thanks again!

And another thing, iv’e been feeling i get the “baseball bat” effect on my dick.
when it starts narrow and goes larger.
Any way to “fix” that?


Sorry for the double post, but it’s been 10 mins and I cant edit my message.
Any way, I would also like to know how much Uli’s I should do in each workout..
how long each uli, how much, how many breakes, etc.

Good night for now.

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