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Where do I begin

Where do I begin

I am new to PE and I am just throwing this question out there, where do I begin? I’m looking for advice on everything from routine frequency even on how to use this site even posting avatars. More importantly routine and frequency. One more question on the jelqing instructions it says do it 3/4 erect which is not a problem but does how do you keep an erection for 200-300 jelqs. I usually have to stop and refocus will that hurt my progress?? Help please.. S.O.S

3/4 of an erection give or take.

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If you have not seen the Newbie Routine on top of the page in the Newbie forum I think that’s a good place to start.

Are focusing is great, if we all did that we would not suffer injuries for not refocusing.

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This is a good place to start. 50-70% erect for newbies. Basically, soft enough that there is a lot of expansion but not a full erection, if that makes sense. Frequency is 2 on 1 off, although you can change it to your needs. As I said, you don’t need a huge erection so you don’t really have to try to keep an erection. If you are too flaccid, jerk it a little bit to get it back up.

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You get better at maintaining your desired erection level with experience. Actually, I think most newbies have trouble with too much of an erection in the beginning of their jelqing career.

But if I feel the erection fading too much, I increase the kegels and the squeezing intensity to get back where I need to be. You can also use erotic stimulation, although I prefer mental over visual stimulation these days for my jelqing.

Focus is important of course, just like for any type of workout.

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