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Almost a Newbie, Where do I begin?

Almost a Newbie, Where do I begin?

Greetings, I have enjoyed this forum for awhile now….lurking in the shadows. I have been inspired by Xenolith’s posts, and others. Xenolith you are one articulate, and thought provoking person. Goonbaby I also thoroughly enjoy your posts as well.. I have decided I am going to go for a gain of 1 inch length, and girth. This would give me the holy grail of 8X6. I have been PE’ing on and off (more off than on) since I was 18. I am 31 now.
I used to be 5.5 inches bpel. I am now estimated 7.25 inches bpel. My girth has gone from 4.5 to 5. The girth is mainly due to girth enhancement surgery that I had over a year ago. I had lengthening but I didn’t gain anything. I didn’t losing anything either. I think this was because of my ex girlfriend. She didn’t want me getting bigger so I haven’t done PE in 8 months. That brings me to my question. Should I start over with the newbie routine?

It struck me as I was reading the posts, and thinking about my own plan to become bigger. I was overwhelmed with where to begin. I own quite a few PE devices. A VacuumTech Pump, the Trac-Man, Power Jelqer, JES Extender, and an ADS. Where do I begin? I was afraid that I would choose the wrong one and waste time not making gains. I am afraid to fail, and rely on myself to adjust, adapt, and succeed in PE. It’s amazing I have already made gains, years ago, and I still wonder if I can make more gains. That’s when I came to the conclusion that I have to start somewhere. I should come up with a plan, have it reviewed by experts, made adjustments, execute, and report my results. If I am not gaining size, I repeat the process. Plan, Review, Execute, and Report. If someone could advise me on a good start up plan I would much appreciate it.

Also I have something interesting to share. My ex-girlfriend always comments on how big my cock is. I never told her how big I am, but she swears I am over 9 inches long.
She says when she is on top I feel huge inside her. I have noticed that even though the top of my penis goes into my pubic bone, the bottom side of the penis is exposed and keeps going. I measured that part and sure enough it was close to 9 inches. I wonder if she feels that extra length (inner penis), because of this it makes my penis look huge. I guess pictures would help. I will take some before pics to chart my new quest for 1X1 gain.

Being the stream of consciousness I am, I am amazed on something as primal as wanting a bigger unit. Could provoke, and engage such ingenuity in building a bigger unit. I am in awe of the great minds in this community.

Best Regards,

If you really want to be smart about it, start at the beginning with the Newbie Routine of stretching and jelqing to get your cock properly conditioned to the rigors of handling extra blood flow and expansion. Since you already have some experience, I would do that for a month or so and then start adding in your pump and start doing a pump/jelq routine. Just remember, don’t be in a rush and go overboard. It only slows you down.

Thanks Gprent, I did my first newbie routine today. I noticed a nice heavy engorgement afterwards. Weak kegals though. I have to build those up. I decided to measure after every workout BPFSL, maybe even flaccid girth as well. I wouldn’t measure erect until the end of the 6 weeks on the Newbie routine.

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