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19yo about to begin PE

19yo about to begin PE

I’m about to begin PE, 5.5” in length, not sure how to measure girth, radius circumference, never understood all E’s and L’s and all those things everyone slaps onto measurements on this forum. Maybe someone can point me to a tutorial there, I’ll look down to the tutorials in a sec but thought I’d post here first.

Girls often say I have a nice looking wang but, I am extremely sensitive, like I get an erection so fast and I precum alot. I think this is better than not being able to get hard or whatever, so I want to embrace this with PC (more on this in a min).

Also if you guys can relate, you know when you first get horny, and then you’re horny for awhile and you’re not jacking off yet lets say, and then you feel that first precum, consider this stage from 1 to 3 (on a scale to ten), any arousing material after that first precum can set you off, I.e.: it can send me from 3 to 8-9 really fast, and the whole masterbating session is like that, usually acompanied by arousing visuals, like I really like moaning and skirts, but it goes in stages — how does one extend these stages? Like maybe I need to control my mind or something better, my response down below shouldn’t be that overwhelming — and from being overwhelming it gives me the feeling of insecurity — this is really bad when I’m with someone.

My concern with PE isn’t length I want my cock to look slightly thicker and veinier and less precum and less, well, premature ejaculation, that’s the first time I’ve thought that I may have premature ejaculation when I was writing this. I don’t know what defines premature ejaculation, it’s a subjective thing, I think many of us have it, one time a girl simply from rubbing my underpants whilst my head was in some titty I couldn’t help but cum, it was the material or something, that hotness of your cock smudged against underpants, I duno.

I hear the cock can look better and be controlled better from PC muscle exercises, same with cumming, premature, precum, etc. Now there’s the simple kegel, but is the clamp holding kegel for say 5seconds or more?

And from that PC I think it’ll naturally give me some girth look.

Also I did the jelq in the shower erect (at the right angle so there’s no pain or anything) and I was sure that doing this was fine, my cock was bigger than I’ve ever seen it before, and I haven’t even started PE, like I mean I watched a video of jelq, got in shower, did the jelq, got horny, and holy shit, my wang looked enormously thick.

So in summary.

I want to look naturally fatter cock, harder erections, no precum, no premature, and in regards to getting thicker I don’t mean doing some kinda girth exercise or stretch, a pump or whatever we have out there (maybe some jelqing in the near future, but I think I want to focus on PC first, slow gradual kegels, say 10 a day, 20 a day, 50 a day, 100 a day, 1000 a day, then clamps and kegels then yeah, so it’s more natural and cock can take it).

So yeah, I think after my study, the right approach is PC muscle first hands down.
Also wondering how to rounden the head of my penis, so it’s nice n’ red n’ round and really like a mushroom.

— My plan is — PC (self-explanitory, don’t really need help on this)
— Fat penishead (how does one do this?)


Nice first post. If you need to know what something stands for, click the wiki link at the top of the page. As far as everything else goes, I’m sure others will answer your other questions.

10/01/2006: NBPEL: 5.750" BPEL: 6.000"

04/01/2007: NBPEL: 6.250" BPEL: 6.750"



-Be aware that some people find kegels exacerbate premature ejac. problems, at least initially.

-Head enlargement is one of the more difficult things to achieve in PE, so they say.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

You might want to do a search for edging. I was doing that myself before I even knew there was a name for it. I can easily go for hours with out loosing control. Give it a shot.

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