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What age to begin

What age to begin

I’ve read the site’s guides etc and searched through all the topics, but I am yet to find a definitve answer as to what age one should begin PE. Results range from 6(haha) to 18. Does anyone have any scientific results or reasoning to give a credible answer?

EDIT: I am asking in regards as to whether doing PE before a certain age/physical mautiry stage could harm any further natural growth of the penis or not?

You shouldn’t begin until you are at least 26.


Just kidding, but we neither advise nor endorse anyone under the age of 18 attempting do perform PE.

I don’t think any scientific studies have performed on this topic or really PE in general other than the informal stuff that goes on on our forums.


Wingy, welcome!

I’ll try answer your question taking in consideration my personal experience.

I think that PE is appropriate after 16 y., beginning with soft exercises, of course.The natural growth of the penis differs to each person. At 16 y. of age, it’s almost finished., therefore, using appropriate exercises, it’s improbable that occurs any harm.

If you’re young and begin early, the results in size will be the maximum. But there’s no limit of age to begin if you’re healthy. Of course, the (very) older will have less gains in size, but certainly good gains in performance.

I begin after 50 y, and had (in my opinion) excellent gains in size and performance, so, PE to me is a daily practise.

Thunder’s place is fine!

Good luck.

I would say 18 at least. I am 20 now and don’t think my penis has grown naturally in the past few years. I started PE’ing recently and don’t feel that I am too young by any means. Good luck!

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