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When Time Is a Serious Issue


No problem, but you might want to do some research on the device just to be safe. Lets see, I think the link is If it has changed, just to a search for KegelMaster2000. There are alot of devices out there, this one cost me about 100.00, came with a “2nd device” which is a pocket rocket massager.

I chose this one because of the 16 different levels of resistance, which are springs. I’m currently using all four springs, which is the highest level.

If cost is an issue, I know that CVS advertised recently that they had a Kegel device.

Ok, I broke out all the info that came with my package (wish I had a scanner):

Benefits of using:
-end urinary stress/incontinence
-prepare for and recover from childbirth
-ease menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness and atrophy

do not use during the 6 week postpartum period or for a minimum of 6 weeks after genitourinary or pelvic surgery unless specifically recommended by your physician. After 6 weeks ask doctor.

It came with a DVD, I wonder if I can upload it for you….

Ok, I’m at a complete loss on that….check out the website, it has a discussion forum to, Lots of Q&A there.

Ok, bringing the subject back to topic…

What I have gathered is this: what he is doing is good, definately add some stretching. On weedends maybe add some other exercises? Perhaps maybe on weekends do the routine he was doing when he had the time?

What about time off?

Take time off when you need it. I only take one day a week off and it is only because my schedule really prohibts me doing any PE. Other than that I take unscheduled days off here and there when my unit just doesn’t feel “up” to it. :D It’s really different with everyone. He’ll know when he needs to take a day or maybe two off.

As far as the ADS. Search on google for AutoExtender. They have an ADS. They also haver an extender unit, he can slap that on when he comes home and vegges out in front of the TV. Unless you have kids, that would just be wierd.


Thanks so much

I just found this thread…great!

Actually, the Chinese version is an egg shaped wt that has an heavy cord attached to it.

The egg is inserted into the vagina and the gal squeezes to hold it in. As she gets stronger, she attaches a small wt to the cord (it hangs outside the vagina), this is almost unlimited.

I’ve heard some gals can hold up to 100 lbs! She could literally hold you in place and prevent you from pulling out.

She could also make you cum with out even moving, just squeezing!


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