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When Time Is a Serious Issue

Oh, a word of caution: Just like you guys, a woman CAN over work it…….ouch.

Wow, that’s just amazing! Can’t you pinch yourself in there though. OUCH!



No, you can’t pinch yourself in there. At least I haven’t, and you’re not supposed to be able to by the way it is designed.

It wont stretch you out, or break.

Ok, this is what I can tell you from my personal experience, what this device has done for me…. (I’m not trying to be dirty or anything, just personal experience)

1. I have gotten tighter. This is because I am building/bulking up that muscle which wraps around the anus, vagina in a figure 8, I think. Also, when I do a kegel, I am also working the muscle or what ever (perhaps the same muscle) it is the goes over my clit (not on the clit itself above).

2. The intensity of my orgasms has magnified incredibly. I don’t want to be dirty or anything, but this is what I have experienced:

Before my orgasms were, I thought, great. I got the good feelings in my clit (I haven’t been able to orgasm with intercourse alone) and the arches of my feet would tingle and sometimes my toes to.

After about a week, this intensified. Clit alone. With intercourse, even better. Wow.

About three months later….(this is just with external stimuli only) I get a really wonderful tingling in my bum, (I know exactly where that muscle is in there know because of this), which continues and moves into my vagina, very deep which continues and moves up the front wall (g-spot I think). This all happens before I climax, which eventually goes through my clit with climax. I still get tingling in the arches of my feet AND toes, face, legs, stomach, and once my temples. Of course all the other stuff that goes on, sweating, raising of hair, etc.

3. I have even noticed that sometimes, when naughty thoughts invade my thoughts, I get this sensation that runs from inside my vagina up through my stomach, sometimes up through my nipples. All this lasts only a split second, but I like it.

4. I can now isolate 4 different sections of this muscle independantly, hiney, opening of vagina and deeper inside, as well as the part that goes over the clit area. I can even bring myself pretty close just doing kegels.

Now, whether or not this is what all women feel, or maybe mine is nowhere near the mark, for me…I like it a lot.

5. I used to have a problem with natural lubrication, not any more.

6. Just an added note, my gynocologist said that doing kegels will help prevent incontinence, thining of the vaginal wall, and some other things that happen to women with age.

Thank you CrazyLady for the information you just posted. This will help a lot of men around here in understanding women a little more I think :) *Clap Clap*

I must print this out for the wife, thanks a bunch for sharing your experience CrazyLady!

Thoughts on why it would improve natural lubrication? My wife is in a chemically induced menopause right now, and other than the hot flashes and insanity, the lack of natural lube is one of her biggest complaints.

Can you please post an instructional video?


I don’t know exactly what it is that has helped me in that area, I just know that I haven’t had that problem since I started using it.

Don’t quote me on this, but as I understand it, with menopause there are a lot of things changing in a womens body. As a result, thinning of the vaginal wall tissue can happen, bone density loss/osteoperosis/height shrinkage (I know this for a fact, my mothers doctor told her, she was trying to go gun hoe and not take any medication - hormones), hormonal roller coasters (Estragen loss, I think) (which I think is the reason for mood swings, hot flashes, depression, etc).

If you don’t mind my asking, “chemically induced menopause”? Why.

I can identify with your husband’s situation.

If he has window(s) of of time during his week where he will always have 20-30 minutes or longer to do some PE, not be too tired, etc, then he should definately take advantage of them and build his routine around them. The rest of the time he can just PE “on the fly”… if he can get privacy in a bathroom for 10 minutes at work, wake up 30 minutes early one morning, do some tugging and stretching while at the urinal, kegels on the road, build/buy and ADS

Sometimes it gets very hard to fit it in, but where there’s a will there’s a way. My problem is that I think about my PE so much while I’m at work that it affects my job performance right before and right after the PE, and sometimes I anticipate actually getting a moment to do PE that I have a hard time “getting up” for the workout when the tme comes. But you take what you can get.


Thanks Sizemeister.

As far as ADS’s go, do you know of a really good one to buy?

He doesn’t have the time to really make one, I suggested that maybe I could make it…..He just gave me a dirty look and I changed the subject…

I wouldn’t be the person to ask, never used one… but I know it has been discussed much in the other forums, if you would like to search. Or someone else could chime in..


Originally Posted by CrazyLady
If you don’t mind my asking, “chemically induced menopause”? Why.

I don’t mind at all (didn’t mean to hijack the thread).

Her problem was a severe case of Endometriosis. She had the surgery, they removed about 90% of it, and months later the pain came back. The normal follow-up to the surgery in cases like that is 9 months (I think that’s the number) of induced menopause to stop the Endo from growing, and “cement” the surgical reduction (for lack of a better term). The big problem is most of the medical treatments for menopause hell, she has to live without, since they would defeat the purpose of her temporary menopause. At the 7 month mark now, she’s convinced the cure ended up being far worse than the disease. Poor girl is a trooper though, and we’re almost done. Her last Depo shot should wear off, and her body start to return to normal, in two more months (that’s if her body returns to normal).

Back to your device, she’s a kegel fiend, always has been, and I think she’d love this device you use. Thanks again.


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