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When Time Is a Serious Issue


When Time Is a Serious Issue

I have a question, my hubby works really long hours and is finding it difficult to keep up a good routine. He has seen some good gains when he had some time (gained a little over an inch in length, and a quarter in girth). Now he is just jelqing because of time.

My question is this, what would be a good routine for serious time constraints. I was thinking that maybe keep doing the routine that was working, but instead of doing it all at one time, maybe one exercise a day and alternating each one throughout the week, but then I know that alot of the exercises compliment one another.

I’ve done some searches and have read till my eyes bleed, maybe I haven’t done a thorough enough search, but I haven’t found anything that could answer this question. I’m still learning here fellas.

Thanks so much for any advice you have.

Hey, nice to see a wife taking such initiative to help out her hubby.

I split my workout throughout the day. I do two or three 10-15 minute sessions during the day and then a longer like 45 minute to an hour workout at night after the wifey and daughter are in bed. My short routines during the day usually consist of 5-8 minutes of stretching and then about 200 dry jelqs. I can usually get them done in the bathroom without anyone realizing what I am doing. My evening routine varies. I do some stretching, bends squeezes and three times a week I clamp.

So if he can, maybe he can break it up throughout the day. I wouldn’t break up stretching and jelqing though. If he jelqs he should definitely be stretching before-hand. Just my .02

Hope that helps.


Jelqing is a very good exercise and not a bad one to always fall back on. How much time are you talking about? 5 minutes a day? 15? 30?

Well, he tried splitting up his routine, but that hasn’t worked out so well. When he comes home after working 12-16 hrs, he’s pretty pooped, so he eats dinner, pretty much turns into a zombie for a while and goes to bed.


I think he said he does 30 mins. of jelqing in the shower in the morning before he goes to work.

he also expressed an interest in clamping, but he has only be PEing for 4 months or so. And some of the things I have read, lead me to believe he should gain the desired length first before trying and some of the injurys accompanied by this are scary. After all, that’s my unit to you know :) .

Take a look at the LegXtender. He can wear that during the day under his clothes for stretching purposes. That coupled with his 30 minutes of jelqing sounds like a good routine. Then maybe he can do some other stuff (bends, squeezes, etc.) over the weekend.


I would wait for another two months before trying to clamp. Just to be safe. I started too early in my PE career and nearly damaged myself.


I think most of us have time constraints. Sometimes I tend to think I won’t bother today but my self motivation forces me into it. PE is like any other form of exercise - the more you put in, the more you are going to get out of it. It don’t really have to be more than half hour a day, but the results over time are quite remarkable. You just need to force yourself to do it sometimes and eventually it just becomes part of the daily ritual. I always plan my workouts (almost timetable wise) and find when I step under the shower to warm up, my cock is already at half mast awaiting the enevitable workout.


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If he is getting in 30 minutes of jelqing a day, I am not so sure he needs any big changes right now. It’s totally normal for gains to slow down or stall out for awhile, so if that is the concern, the main thing is to just keep going and not quit.

If he is in a good groove of getting his workout accomplished in the shower, I say don’t mess with it. For his busy day, the kiss principle applies and he is doing a good job of that.

Now, how about you? Have you been doing your kegels?


Kegel regually. With the device I use (every other day), I’ve maxed out as far as resistance goes, I also do unassisted kegels periodically throughout the day. I’ve had great results.

Device?? Tell us more CrazyLady.. :-k

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The device? I’m thinking Thigh Master.

The device I use is a KegelMaster 2000 which has 16 different levels of resistance. It’s apsolutely amazing, and I’ll say it again it is so worth the money.

I did a lot of research on kegels, and found that the best way for a women to kegels is with resistance, using a device (inserted into the vagina), fingers, soft dildos etc, whatever gives resistance.

You can do them without anything, but the results take longer.

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