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What's my next move


What's my next move

Been following the newbie routine for 3 months with no gains in either flaccid or erect . Erection quality is a little worse then before I started when I only masturbate on off days and slightly better than before if I do it daily. What would the experts out there suggest I do to try and start seeing some gains?

Give it a rest for a couple weeks. Eat and rest, then reevaluate. Growth often follows a rest period.

I notice I get better erection quality a few hours after I masturbate and ejaculate.

After a jelq PE workout, you should see temporary gains (around 0.0625 inches) in girth. Good erection quality is a indicator that your gaining.

If you were doing the newbie routine correctly, and you did not get even a single gain and your erection quality is not good, you should take at least one month off and reevaluate what your doing wrong. You should take PE easy at first and increase the intensity until you start gaining, once you start gaining stick with that routine/intensity. PE is not a race.

You should post exactly your routine and I am sure people will fix any issues with it or answer any of your questions.

I have found out that heat is very important for me. Also i do jelq with a moderate pressure and take many restdays (1 day on 1 day off). Maybe less is more for you?

Ok here is my routine. Also I should add that my erect penis looks a little fuller on the bottom base and much different overall (uglier). There are a lot of veins that were not there 3 months ago. It’s possible the girth is a little bigger, maybe 1/8 of an inch . Length is definitely the same and flaccid is the same. I need a lot of help with both. Flaccid is 2.5 and erect is 5.25 NBP and girth is 5 “.

2 days on / 1 off

5 min warm up with rice in sock

Ten 30 second stretches with 6 of them pulled down including down to left or right. Sometimes will add a couple extra sets for a total of 12.
5 min heating pad
Approximately 200 3 second jelqs using Vaseline Always using ok sign with 3 fingers not in use on the bottom. Can’t do it the other way as I have some loose skin around scrotum and this way I can keep skin out of it.

5 min heating pad with Kegels

Should I start break now? What routine should I use when I start back?

I am taking one week off. Any suggestions on how to structure the routine when I start back up?

How hard are you jelqing?

I would say medium pressure. I try not to squeeze too hard. If I can lighter it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I don’t feel it looks any longer when I’m done and maybe just a little thicker. Within 20 minutes after its back to normal flacid size so it doesn’t last very long.

Originally Posted by Eric22
Ok here is my routine…

Thanks Eric, that helps (a lot) in being able to give valid advice. Not that I actually have any helpful advice to give; :rolleyes: , I am currently a bit out of it. But guys will be willing to help out assessing your situation and routine. And listing your routine in detail will make that possible.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Restart with 50 jelqs per session and see what happens? Use heat!

Is LESS more, or is MORE more? - a good thread. Helped me alot :) good luck.

I agree with kallea. Start slow and steady after your break. I was doing approximately 200-300 jelqs 2 on 1 off and saw zero results in erection quality or gains. I then took a week off and started back up again with 5 thirty second stretchs and 100, three second dry jelqs and have gained .5” in length and 1/8” in girth, in two months.

Give the lower volume routines a shot an let us know how your results are!

I would also say during your break get PE completely out of your mind. At least for me if I kept thinking about it, it was hard to not do PE.

I would also add in a bone pressed measurement if you’re not. I saw gains faster in BPEL than NBP. I think the skin at the base starts to tent and pull away a little with gains which can make it more difficult to track gains if you’re only doing NBP measurements.

I only mention this because you only had a NBP measurement posted and I know this was a point of frustration for me in the beginning. My BPEL was gaining but my NBP was seemingly stagnant. Eventually it translates out into gains for both.

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This is great advice , thanks. I am going to start with the lower volume. How do you know when to increase the time ? Also I’m confused with the whole bone pressed concept:

1. How could BP gain when NBP didn’t?
2. Why does anyone care about BP? If your not showing more why would you care if it was bigger? But I see where you said it eventually both gain so I guess that’s all that matters.
3. I know some say BP is easier to measure but I think NBP is much easier. With BP you may apply more or less pressure where NBP it’s the same each time.

For me I have a small penis both flaccid and erect and any gain I can get is going to make a big difference.

1. I don’t think anyone’s solved the riddle yet, but there are some threads about it. I think it’s the skin at the base of the penis tenting or stretching outward, pushing forward the crease spot where you’d place a ruler for NBP measurements. So, not sure why, but it was the case for me where BPEL gained and NBP was stagnant or lagged behind considerably. I looked back through my logs and there were some stretches of months where BPFSL creeped forward, then BPEL caught up and NBP eventually later caught up as well, also some stretches where NBP stayed flat through a few months while BPEL showed gains.

2. It’s not about anyone caring necessarily, but using your pubic bone as a hard spot to place the ruler makes for consistent measurements to track gains without being affected as much by other variables such as weight gain/loss, diet or water retention, that skin tenting/stretching effect I mentioned, etc..

3. NBP is good to measure as well, but it can fluctuate a lot more than BPEL. You should probably also add in a BPFSL measurement, as that can commonly show gains prior to gains in either BPEL or NBP, so it can be a valuable measurement as well, especially for those times when you’re thinking of switching up a routine because there aren’t BPEL gains. Usually if I’m seeing BPFSL creeping forward, I keep going and most often BPEL will catch up. I think measuring all three can be beneficial as you track your progress and adjust your routines.

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Originally Posted by kallea

I have found out that heat is very important for me. Also i do jelq with a moderate pressure and take many restdays (1 day on 1 day off). Maybe less is more for you?

Couldn’t agree with you more. I started out thinking proper heat/warmup is important but now I believe it is much more. I think proper heat/warmup is critical.

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