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Move able Erection

Move able Erection

I have noticed that I can move my erect penis in all directions pretty easily, including downwards, it still stands up at a 45 degree angle, but I can push it down pretty easy, is this bad or normal, if it’s bad can it be fixed or something?

And lastly does anyone else have this same problem?

Current - NBPEL 6.9" x EG Base 6.2"

BPEL 7.4"

Goal - NBPEL 8.5" x EG 6.5"

I think this is normal.

regards, mgus

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Is your dick a baseball bat? I also have similar situation like you, and I have baseball bat, while my friend has a thick base, he can’t do it, so I think it’s because he has a strong base to hold the penis.

When I was young I couldn’t move my erect penis down, but as I got older I’m able to move it all around. I figured this was normal.

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