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For those of you that use kegels as part of your routine do you do them while flaccid or erect?
How do you feel they have helped you?

I have trouble tensing my BC muscles for more than 2 seconds each time, anyone else have the same problem?

I do mine completely separate from other PE exercises, often in front of TV or the PC.
I like to hold a kegel as long as I can, then it is easy to measure progress.
When started PEing I could only hold a kegel for 30 secs, now I can hold it for 3 minutes without problems.
But if I stop kegelling for a few days, I quickly loose strength.

Other exercises is to hold for 2 secs release for 2 secs repeatedly for a few minutes. Or hold it and vary the strength for 1-2 minutes or as long as you can.


I do them both while flaccid and erect. I also do them as part of my sessions and seperate. I tend to do a lot of short squeezes as opposed to long ones. When I first started them I couldn’t hold them long at all, now I can hold them till I want to stop really Although, after a while it doesn’t feel like I am squeezing anymore, but then I release and can feel the release. It’s strange.


Like RTG and Oden say, do them however and whenever you like. Get into the habit of doing them when you are not doing anything better. So when you are stuck in a traffic jam, waiting for a bus, sat reading the newspaper, just kegal away to your heart’s content. No one knows you are doing it and it helps in all sorts of ways, from stronger erections, harder ejaculations and fewer embarasing problems when you get older.

Don’t set yourself upper targets, just try to do as many as you can every day whenever you don’t have to concentrate on anything.


OK thanks guys.

When I used to pump I would continually do short kegels while I was in the cylinder but now I don’t pump I wondered how best to fit kegels into my routine.

I tried some out last night while flaccid and watching the television and realised how difficult I found it to hold the tensed BC muscle for much longer than a pulse.
I will work on trying to up the duration of each kegel.

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