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What if I'm starting out with a thrombosed vein?

What if I'm starting out with a thrombosed vein?

I’ve had it for years. On the top, left quarter of the shaft just below the glans I get a puffy vein that looks and feels like I have a shoelace or a string of pasta under the skin. I’ve had it for twenty years. My first girlfriend liked working with her hands, and she was a little more enthusiastic than skillful.

So I have been jelqing a little at a time for two days, and there it is again. Is there anything special I need to keep in mind? I’ve read up on thrombosed veins around the forum, but I was hoping someone who had started PE with a vein like this could set my mind at ease.

Many thanks,


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I thought a thrombosed vein is a busted vein.

I have veins to, but they are only visable during aggressive PE. One I can kind of see when I’m erect.

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Thrombosis is blood clotting inside a vein! I’m amazed that it’s something which has gone on this long though - I’m not convinced that an effectively blocked vein could remain there so long without either disappearing or causing some serious problems. You say your girlfriend caused it?

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