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Thrombosed vein advice please.

Thrombosed vein advice please.


Ive had what I think is a thrombosed vein now for a month with little change. It runs along the top left of my shaft, running from within the body at the base and seems to dive down inside towards the glans. It becomes very noticeable like a rubber band when I stretch gently and starts to become a bit tender. If it was only thrombosed for a short legth Im sure that I could restart some light hanging, but because the vein runs along the top of the shaft and into my pelvic area this is the area which is hit worst when hanging. Its as if this vein begins to take all the weight on its own as it doesnt seem to stretch like the rest of my dick.

Has anyone else experienced a vein like this which seems to enter the body and if so, did the bloody thing ever heal. Ive been doing the usual hot wraps/gentle massage but this situation is beginning to get me down.

By the way, it doesnt seem to affect erectile function or cause problems during sex.




I am not totally sure what a “thrombosed” vein really is and I hope somebody here will provide a clear way to self-diagnose one.

For me there is a recurrent condition in which a vein or artery which is normally promenent anyway on one side of my shaft seems to go into some sort of spasm. It hardens over a length of about 1.5 inches and sticks out. If I press a fingertip against it it does not collapse but shifts to one side or the other under that pressure. It is painless; no redness in or around it. No problems in sex. It just pops out over a period as long as two weeks whenever I jelk then goes “underground” for a few weeks, even when I jelk.

Does this ring a bell with what’s happening with you?



Hi avocet,

Im no doctor either, Im just going off other peoples descriptions. It sounds similar to your problem but mine has been with me continuosly for a month and doesnt seem to want to disappear. I assume that the reason that it is hard is that it is blocked with blood. But why would that make it lose its ability to stretch like the rest of my dick without becoming tense like a guitar string and starting to hurt? Is this because the walls of the vein are so damaged/scarred? And wouldnt stretching the vein cause this blockage to stretch also and maybe breakdown? Ive noticed that when I pull my foreskin out as far as it can go the vein is not as noticeable as when I pull the glans. Presumably this means the damaged vein is in the body of the shaft itself rather than the overlying skin? These are all questions Ive not really been able to find adequate answers about? Maybe someone with a bit more knowledge can come to our assistance?

Here’s wishing everyone with an injured dick a speedy recovery.


Thrombosed vein advice please

Hi Stumx5, Dont feel too bad as I have had a thrombosed vein now for 9 weeks and its only 80% healed. Probably 2-4 weeks to go.

The lack of flexability is most lickly due to internal scarring & damage dont try to quantify it ,best just to rest.

Be patient that all you can do. I was also suggested to me by PE veteran to use warm wraps and massgae 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes, small doses of aspirin 80mg 2x a day and I also used a cream called HIRUDOID, its over the counter and used to treat thrombosed veins and inflamatory conditions of veins.
Good luck but you will find out that complete rest and time off until you heal are the only way to go. I know its not what you may want to hear it, but that is what I have had to endure for the last 9 weeks and a couple more to go.

Good Luck.

Hi Sizequest,

Thanks for the reply and the encouraging words. Ive kept myself busy over the last few weeks and havent had the urge to jump back into hanging. The vein is still there though. As you say, Im sure it will go in time. Thanks for the advice on the cream. Ill have to try and get hold of some of that. How did you damage yourself by the way, jelqing or hanging?


Thanks for the links Darktrick, I havent seen a lot of that info before and it was a very interesting read. Im hoping mine disappears overnight like yours did.


Ive been back hanging for a week now and all seems to be well down below. No stringy veins or pain! I guess I just needed good old fashioned rest for a month or so. I did use Hirudoid cream for a week and that seemed to accelerate the healing of my damaged vein. Worth trying if anyone else has the same problem.

I’m now starting off on very light weight (2kg) and I’m going to stick at this weight for a month, upping the number of sets each week.



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