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Its a thrombosed vein

Its a thrombosed vein

hey guys, me again… I have decided that the hard uncomfortable part in my penis just below my glands is a major thrombosed vein…

Do all thrombosed veins heal? How serious is it if its on both sides of my cock??
I just wanna know if it will heal over time, and will masturbating daily not give it a chance to heal??

Thank you so much guys.

Like many will tell you, each thrombosed vein is different. They vary in time to heal from a few days to many months. I have a recurring small bump just under my glans. Recently I gave it a very firm and vigorous massage and it seemed to have helped a great deal. I used a rice sock and kept heat on it for 30 minutes as well.

Others use a combination of moist heat and ice, alternating every 15 seconds for 10-20 minutes several times a day. Some have used a medicated cream called Hiruoid with decent results. Do some searching around and you should find some good threads addressing the thrombosed vein. Invariably you will find that rest is the best medicine.

Hi rundown,

As SS said, rest is the best medicine… So give your penis a break, at least a week

During the rest, buy any cream for varicose vein or bruises and gently rub it in for 3 times a day.

But what I wonder is that you say you have “decided” it is a thrombosed vein… :confused: :confused:
You should better ask your doctor for advice, since it is not so embarrassing (it can normally happen…).


My cock is too small to go see a doctor, im not confident enough, it’s definately out of the question, lol.

It’s just 5.5” length and 4.5”, Its a little pencil with a broken led, It’s depressing me so much, done PE with great expectations and this happened, if it fixes then i will try again but take it slower.

The maddest thing in the world is people pe’ing when they are already a decent size, I would kill myself if I damaged my cock permentantly, I only risk it because it is all or nothing for me.

If I am resting it, does it mean I can’t masturbate?

Thank you all

Has anyone tried using a vibrator to loosen up hard veins? It would seem hot wrapping and vibration might help restore normal blood flow. But then again, you don’t to break any clots loose and have them circulating around. Just wondering.

I am in the same situation rundown except that I have one huge thrombosed vessel and lots of smaller ones and am worried that they may do some permanent damage to the surrounding tissues.

A couple of the tiny thrombosed veins I can massage the lumps and hardness away but they are back again the next day.

gprent101 you have got me thinking now maybe I should not massage them in case the clots do cause trouble when they start circulating around the body.

This is really depressing having to stop PE as I was just starting to see my first size gains.

Neat idea gprent101.

I had a similar feeling in my dick and it went away after a two week rest and a more gentle routine. Like you I was worried!

Don’t worry… don’t do any PE until the discomfort goes away and then continue with less vigor.

Jerk off all you want but again, don’t strain yourself.

I am a firm believer in slow and steady. You will grow just like I have. I started at 5.75” almost the same as your 5.5” and after just over a year am closing in on 7”!

Slow and steady.

Godzilla’s routine:

Lightly stretch penis out during morning shower.

After drying off and wrapping a towel around my waist I squat, reach behind my leg gripping penis just above glans.

Pulling to one side with slow and steady force while counting to 60 I breathe deeply as I feel the stretch.

Switch to the other hand and stretch to the other side, again counting to 60.

Still squatting I reach in front gripping penis and pull straight out counting to 60.

By now I am looking and feeling good. Brush my teeth and return to the bedroom. Wifey hits the shower.

Standing, I raise one leg and place foot on the dresser. Reaching behind my leg I pull with steady force to one side for 90 seconds. Slowly I lower leg. (the watch is on the dresser and helps me keep time as my mind wanders).

Switch to the other side for 90 seconds.

100 jelks.

Now I’m pumped and dangling! Some days I stop here and go to work, but typically continue with:

While standing I pull up to one side for 60 seconds.

Switch to the other side for 60 seconds.

Straight out for 60 seconds.

Squat and repeat the first 3 exercises but for 30 second stretches.

Another 100 jelks.

Slip into undies, shirt and pants. Check for bulge and adjust accordingly. Kiss wifey as she comes out of shower. Kiss the kids while they watch Spongebob Square Pants. Smile at the cute housekeeper as she looks me up and down. Hop into the car and into rush hour traffic.

So it’s actually 10 minutes and 30 seconds and 200 jelks. Approx 15 minutes total I ‘spose.

That’s been my routine steady for at least 3 months. I think it offers a lot and I will continue to do it until results cease.

I have gotten enough results to provide the cuties at work with a fun and sexy surprise each morning. One woman in particular has big eyes for me now. She’s 38, married and adorable. She has admit to ‘thinking about me when with hubby AND alone.’ That rocked my world! Still does. And that’s another story boys and girls for another day.

Please feel free to use my routine, modify, alter whatever. I hope it helps others out there. And my sincere thanks to this BB for providing me the insight to create my own successful routine.


Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

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