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What gains, how long?

What gains, how long?

OK - so the outfits that sell jelking and stretching info and equipment all claim MARVELOUS things to get you hooked - but let’s hear:

How much REAL gain have you seen in the first 30 days with either or both methods?

How about 60 days?

a year?

And for THAT matter, what are the BIGGEST gains made by anyone here, and how long did it take? Both length and girth measurements if possible. Does ANYONE really gain those “3 inches” those outfits like to claim? Shucks, *I* would be happy with a puny ‘lil 2 inches!


Mr Average

Everyone loves a pesimist!

half an inch in 5 weeks, hows that!

Well, that’s certainly a good start! Now, if we could just MAINTAIN that rate of growth. How about the second 5 weeks?

And yeah, guess I am sort of a pessimist - it’s sorta like those miracle diets that state you will lose 10 pounds the FIRST week - fairly easy to do, since the FIRST 10 pounds is usually just water, and a good couple of drinks and it’s all back again.

I sincerely hope PE results are more lasting! I’ve been at it about 9 months so far, some gains, sure like to see MORE tho’. But it takes TIME to grow new tissue, not realistic to expect overnight results I guess. And it IS a valid question as to actually what you CAN expect, both on the short AND long term. Hopefully, the gains will keep coming as long as the exercising does!


Hey MrAverage...

First, welcome aboard !!
Second, we are not selling anything here. Some products are discussed, the more successful ones will naturally be discussed more.

The amount of effort involved for each additional 1” gain gets to most guys on a cost vs benefit level. Therefore you see more guys that have gained one inch vs guys that have gained two inches, and even fewer that have gained three inches. And when you get to the four inch club there is only one member of that club that I know of.

I have been into PE for almost 18 months off and on, mostly off. I have gained 7/8” length and 5/16” girth. Not extremely impressive, but I consider the gains more than adequate for the amount of time and effort I have put into them. Not even taking into account the improvement in the general health and functioning of my dick, I would say it was worth the effort.

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Time for gains

mraverage I have been working at this for a little over two years ,went from 5.75 bp x 4.37 to 6,5 x5.0 This all takes time but you must be constant with your workouts. I have yet heard any one gain the 3.00 inches that these programs claim. I am 55 and would be happy 7x5.5 keep working on your gains.


Thanks guys, seems the trick with THIS stuff is pretty much as with other types of body building - consistent, dedicated workouts! From what I’ve seen so far from other reading on this board, *I* haven’t been working out hard and long enough compared to guys getting more impressive results.

Gotta try harder! This is a VERY helpful board, dunno WHERE else a person can turn to for impartial info on so sensitive a subject - I sincerely appreciate it!


its taken me 2 months to get half a inch on, which i am very happy with :)


Hi guys,

I have almost been embarrased by my gains. My erect penis measured just 4.5” and was 5” around on January 1st. I don’t know why, but my gains have been astonishing to me - I now measure: 6.25” in length and 5.5” around - I have gone from a very small penis to a very nice, sizeable penis in less than three months. My flaccid size is greatly improved also. What this has done for my confidence cannot really be measured.

I can’t imagine that these gains can continue - and I am quite happy with my penis size now - ecstatic in fact, but I am going to continue on. I never thought that I would be able to say I had a 5” penis, much less a 6” penis. Now, I can proudly say that my penis is OVER 6” long and a nice and fat 5.5” around at midshaft and 6” around at the base.

What is equally important, is that my wife almost daily is tellling me that I have a VERY big and beautiful penis - she is thrilled and looks and marvels at my new found gains. Her new found interest in my penis is probably the most exciting aspect of PE for me!

What have other spouses or significant others said to you guys?



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