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How long can it take to see gains?

How long can it take to see gains?

Just wondering about how long it took to see gains, wheter permanent or not. I’ve only been pumping for about a week.


But then, I wasn’t pumping according to a regimen, or in conjunction w/ any other form of PE. However, over maybe the last 6 years I’ve definitely gained girth, possibly up to .5” (more likely 3/8 or less tho).

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Longer than a week.

What is it with you guys, this instant gratification thing?

If you had flabby abs and wanted six-pack abs, would you expect that in a week?

PE is a long term commitment. Gird your loins and settle yourself down to some time and work. There is no Big Dick Fairy. I’ve told you guys that.



Blue, it took me a full month of hanging before I saw any results. Check out Size’s PE Data Page to see trends in how guys gain.

Hang in there, you’ll grow.

Yeah - I’ve be doing other forms of PE for a couple of months now (Jelq, etc) I am new to pumping however and have heard reported gains from 1 month to a year, just trying to get a general idea.

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