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What Extender

What Extender

Hey everyone,

First post here.

Bought the bathmate but mine turned out to be faulty and so I’m returning it.

Bought the SizeTrac but I was told all extenders are the same so I should have brought a cheaper one. Been reading on threads people are buying vimax extenders and penimasters and loads of other stuff so I’m very confused - shall I return the SizeTrac and buy another extender? Or use the SizeTrac and hope for the best?

I go to uni, need to be able to wear it under my trousers without any problem (bathmate was a real bother as I just want a nice shower haha).

Also I was told extenders increase length only. I don’t want a thin long dick. Any ideas on how I can extend my girth too - without the bathmate?


How about the newbie routine?

Yup done this.. J90 :D

Any ideas?

It seems penimaster and size genetics seems to be the big ones out there but I’m not sure :s


When I first got my bathmate I thought it was faulty, but it wasn’t. Turns out I had to press in the little black button on the top between pumps to keep the vacuum. I just measured today post PE (my first measurement was post PE as well). In a bit over 1 month I have gained 1/2 in EL and 1/4 in girth! I just hope these gains keep up!

As long as the extender applies traction than your good. It really does not matter. When buying one consider the craftsmanship of product. monkey bar is very popular around here, look that up.

Started ~ 2002 14.5 cm BPEL and 13 cm MSEG.

2008: Got serious, Measured ~ 15 cm BPEL and 14 cm in MSEG

1/12/2014: Measured BPEL 17.5 to 18 cm, MSEG 15, BEG 16.5

Hey all,

Can someone help me with my situation please.

I did the J90 - better erection quality but no gains.

Brought SizeTrac. Wore it for a few weeks but its very uncomfortable. I have 2 sets (1 is brand new if anyone wants it haha) but don’t use it atm because my penis keeps slipping out.

I can return it and buy PeniMaster Pro. Is this a good idea? I read you can wear it while you sleep? Are you sure it won’t kill my penis/I won’t have to amputate it after 8 hours of leaving the device on?


Extender routines

Hi I am a recent newbie. I bought a cheap Proextender from China about a month ago and have been using it for just over two weeks. So far I have not had any increase in BPEL but my flaccid length seems to have increased in both length and girth. EQ definitely enhanced. I am currently using it a total of 4 - 5 hours a day in 1 hour bursts as my head starts hurting after 1 hour. I have one rest day a week.

Getting used to it has taken some time. I quickly realized I needed protection behind the head as otherwise the silicone noose was torture. I am uncut and pulling the skin back is an issue. I currently wrap a piece of conformable bandage behind the head followed by a piece of foam. It took me a while to work out that you must stretch the penis by hand while pushing back on the extender to get some tension as you tighten the noose. The manuals never explain this. I am currently then tensioning to the first mark on the extender (900gms). One issue I have is that the tension can change as you move around because I think the base has a much larger hole than the penis and can shift sideways. I think I need to make a comfort pad part of which goes inside the base to try to minimize this sideways movement. Has anyone thoughts on that?

Now on specific extenders.

I believe the Proextender is a version of the JES as is the Sizegenics. I have even ordered a head piece with a silicone strap from eBay to fit my Proextender. Believe other extenders are JES variants. On the other hand I believe the Andropenis, and its variant Fastsize, are different even though I have read that they have evolved from the JES.. Cannot comment on the construction quality of any other than the Proextender which appears well made.

Recommended Routines

Both JES ( and Andropenis (…forum/index.php) have in house fora to help users. What I found are two different philosophies. The JES approach is to get used to a tension of 900 gms for some weeks, then increase to 1200 gms and ultimately to 1500 gms. On the higher tension the aim is to extend the hours per day. This is mainly from my Proextender manual.

The Andropenis routine seems to be to extend in relation to your erect length. The first month at 4cm less than erect length (claimed to be 600 gms tension) second month at 800 gms and third month at 1200 gms (2 cms greater than erect length). On the forum they emphasise the need to continually extend by adding extra rods. The focus seems to be on extension length rather than tension as is the case with JES.

The issue of rest days are not addressed other than Andropenis do not recommend them.

Others with experience with these units might like jump in and advise if I have this right.


Managed to break my silicone noose today after one great stretch session where I managed to stretch beyond my BPEL. Think the problem was I was pulling down and back at the same time to lock the noose in under the head a little too hard and must have cut the noose on the hole in the head piece. Any the comfort head (EG sizegenics) arrived in the post with a spare noose. Am now trying with both the noose and the silicone strap. Just using the strap at moderate tension to stop the noose moving back at the top of the head when I tension up. Seems to work and should last as it is not under any great stress. A bit difficult to strap in with the noose and penis in the way though.

Any advice on how long these silicone nooses should last? Perhaps I need a reserve supply.

Have gone back to using ordinary gauze bandage under the foam rather than the conformable type. More comfortable and less head pain.

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