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What do you think of my Hanging and BM routine?

What do you think of my Hanging and BM routine?

Rather new to serious PE. Using a Capt Wrench type hanger and Bath mate. Currently I’m going for length mostly. Girth is fine, but length is main current goal. Great thing about this routing for me is that after setup it is pretty hands-off. I can read a magazine or watch TV without being distracted by the workout.

Here is the routine and thought process behind it:
2-3 minutes warm up
20 minutes hanging 7lbs
During hang, I have a space heater that I occasionally use to add light heat. I’m currently using a standing position for the duration. I’m not stretching skin.
Bath-Mate for 10 minutes
Immediately after hanging. Medium pressure, but very warm water. Re-pump after 2 minutes, then after 5 minutes. I can use bathmate without getting into a bath so it’s fast, easy and fun.
Skin lotion
I do this to keep the skin from being over worked from all the stress.

X3 times per day, about 8 hours between each session.

Opinions? Critiques?

That gained me about 1/5 after about 6 months, at ~6.4” BPEL now. Fully exhausted the gains? I’m not 100% sure but I’ve certainly exhausted my desire for that routine. I’ve been doing that routine off and on for a couple years.but got ‘serious’ 6 months ago with it. Once I realized I dreaded the routine, I had to move on or risk giving up.

Cool. How long have you been doing the new routine?

I mixed hanging and the bathmate in the past. I used the bathmate as a pre hanging warm up tool, very low vacuum (pumping before hanging is very much frowned upon, and rightly so if you are doing a massive expansion) for about 5 minutes, and then I did 2 20 minute sets. I was doing this twice a day.

Are you taking rest days?

I found the bathmate destroyed my EQ if I used it in the way the manufacturer said. It might be worth throwing in a few jelqs. There are some good bathmate logs going on at the moment.

Just to let you know, I edited the title by putting in the ‘and’ and a ‘?’.

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I’m in week 3 now. I’m not much for measuring gains regularly as I like the anticipation better than calculated results. I’m trying my best to take NO rest days, but there have been a few days that I couldn’t get 3 sessions in (such as valentine’s day). When I know 3 sessions aren’t possible, I add light manual stretches every visit to the head. I am trying the theory of taking as few days off as possible for hanging, to prevent full healing.

Yes, the 20 minute sessions at full pressure with the bath mate just results in extra fluid around my unit, and I don’t feel like it’s really hitting “inside”. Feels squishy when hard, and EQ definitely goes down. The 3x per day 10 minute sessions at about 5-10mm less than full pressure seem to keep the squishy feeling away, while keeping the size impact. Adding in the hot water and I feel it’s a wonderful way to restore circulation.

If you are doing two 20 minute hangs, try a 5 minute bath mate with hot water between at relatively low pressure. I found that if I fill the bath mate up in the sink, I can stand over the toilet (like taking a leak) and enter the BM while stopping the valve from leaking with one hand and securing with the other. Then squeeze right into the toilet. With some practice it’s quick, clean, and easy to use the bath mate without running a bath.

I’ll try adding some jelqs to the routine from time to time. Jelqing after BM tends to hurt too much, so maybe as a warm up before the hanging. Any issues with jelqs before hanging?

I’m currently having a week off, just using my ADS. I did some hanging over the christmas period, and I’m currently doing the newbie routine. Well, will be again after my week off. With the newbie, I’m using the BM for warm up and down.

If you over do the BM, it makes erections very squishy on the outside and hard in the middle, unlike an armadillo. I have done the toilet thing with the BM, very handy also for a quick pressure increase. :)

Probably better to jelq between hanging and the BM. Doesnt have to be loads, say 25-30. If you do 25 with each session, then thats 75 a day. Give it a go, but if it doesnt improve your EQ, then you could probably go without.

Stu: I had the exact same experience as you regarding “the manufacturer’s advice”. Had to cut down pressure to 70-80 % of max.

Hoe much you guys gain from this routine?

Unfortunately started a new job about 5 or 6 weeks after starting, and time wouldn’t permit me to continue it. It was a contract job so I’m going to start up the routine again first of the year.

First comments, definitely do NOT max out the BM. Bad things happen, especially with frequent use. Second, after about 2-3 weeks I was starting to get tendon fatigue, which I think is what is important to get to growth.

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