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Warmup, not alot going on

Warmup, not alot going on

In regards to the hot wrap, I don’t feel a lot going on. Also water in the flannel goes colder, and I don’t feel much sensation wise. At the moment I wrap with moderate tightness, should I be wrapping tighter to experience more benefits?

So to stop it going cold, is it ok to stop the wrap, and run it under more hot water before resuming?

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It’s not necessary to wrap too tight. Try and keep the flannel warm and re-heat it as necessary. The warm up is just that.

If you want to feel what is going on… then try doing it somewhere without any distractions at all and focus 100% on your penis. It can take a lot of time to get to know your penis, and a lot of the things you cam feel are subtle. Doing this will get you to a point where you know you have a warmed up penis and can continue with your routine.

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