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Warming up erect

Warming up erect

I find its easier and more enjoyable to use a hot wet towel for warm ups while I am erect. Is this the standard way or am I doing it wrong, as they say on the Internet?

I’m sure its not a big deal ,, with me, the heat gets me hard, my penis lovessssss the heat !!!

:) Yeah mine too. Thanks for the reply man. How you getting on with your PE? I notice you don’t have any stats up.

Doing ok,, wish I learned about PE 20 years ago !!!, but better late than never I guess.

So far I have gained a little over a 1/4” in length and 1/8” in girth ,, its been almost 5 months since I started , so I think I’m doing ok.

I’m almost 8” BPEL , just over 5.5” girth.

For me , I’m not too concerned about getting much longer, but would love another inch of girth !!! , I have a shitty curve , so length doesn’t help.

My next venture will be pumping.

GEEEZAS! 8x5.5 is a beast! Good for you Mr. Can’t imagine why you want to be bigger with starting stats like tho lol You’ll make some bitches womb fall out and make a mess your bed sheets haha. BTW I have a shitty curve, as you put it, in mine as well! Probably a good thing with me tho considering my puny girth (check ma stats and feel ma pain lol) I recon its the only way I can hammer the G spot when I’m going to work trying to make a girl cum. That and the fact I can bang it in like a sewing machine lol. Well till ma balls start aching or a I get a cramp in a hamstring. It’s girth I’m after as well. My 1 year goal is to get to 5”G and maybe up to 7”L, and also to straighten it out a bit. The problem I’ve been having is that, with it being too thin, and the fact that the only girls that will go with me are not the kind of girls you’d want to bare back! Combined with the fact I’m pretty much ruined by porn, I start to wilt a bit during sex because I can’t feel a fucking thing half the time, and with me having a shitty bend in it, sometimes I can miss the target and it will bend right back on itself, rendering me in agony and bringing the whole episode to a painful, disappointing and embarrassing end =o/.

Do you think that PE can straighten your dick as well as build it? I’ve heard conflicting stories.

Well it seems so far that anything posted on the newbie forum gets very little response if any. 200 posts to be able to post on the main member forum? Well ok then.

I also have a bend and poor girth 4.5EG and 6.5BP. If I could get to 5inch girth in a year I’d be content.

It depends on what is causing the “bend” these things are usually structural in nature, so PE cannot help what is inherent in the structure. Sometimes when the severity is not pronounced the manipulations of PE can work to straighten the erection. Its difficult to assess based on nebulous descriptions.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

Hey Pexflex , I’m still around ,, I maybe wishful thinking when it comes to PE helping get rid of my curve, and that


I just got a BM a week ago , pumping is very cool !!.

I want girth so bad ! , but I would totally stop PE if I could get rid of my curve.

I have a downward curve and it can be a weapon in some positions.

Thanks for all the replies guys. I see you must have resolved all the problems you ran into with Bathmate Kingsnake. I’m thinking of getting one of those myself as they seem very wide so it could accommodate my curvy cock while its erect with the the top of my bell end pressing against the tube and getting bruised.

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