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How about partially erect bends? Questions for the vets.

How about partially erect bends? Questions for the vets.

I’ve used the search function and unearthed a HUGE debate about the safety of erect bending. I don’t want to rekindle the flames on that, nor do I wish to experiment with erect bending since I have only 2 months of PE under my belt….


Yesterday I gave partially erect bends a shot after my squeeze session. Since I was already swollen from the squeezes - you know, not fully erect, but highly engorged - I thought this might be a clever way to make non-erect bends productive. I did 6 bends of 30 seconds each; the point of bending was at mid shaft.

HOLY SHIT ! When I was done, my penis looked ridiculously fat from the mid shaft to the head. I’ve never seen anything like that before on my penis.

However, last night after my session, I noticed that the tip of my penis was purple like it had never been before. It didn’t hurt to touch it, so I wasn’t too scared. Also I had an erection when I woke up this morning (as is normal) so I know it still “works”. It just feels sore today - not in pain, but sore.

Right now, it’s about 23 hours after I finished yesterday’s session. A quick inspection of my penis reveals that the purple color at the head is virtually totally gone. Whew! However the penis still feels a little sore.

I am erring on the side of caution here, and taking today off from all PE. When the soreness is gone, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be back at it with the squeezes. I’m still mulling over whether to also include the partially erect bends, and how many of them to do.

What are the opinions of the veterans here on incorporating partially erect bends in a girth routine? So far I have been doing the squeezes 5 days a week, and I know that were I to include the bends, I could never do this 5 days a week. As I search the archives, however, it seems that the consensus is that girth work takes longer to recover from. Would it make more sense to, say, include a few partially erect bends after my squeeze session, BUT only work girth, say, 3 days a week (M/W/F)? This would make for more intense but less frequent workouts. This, it seems, is the way to go for girth gains.

And, for what length of time do you do squeezes? I can easily do them for 40 minutes without tiring (my hands are strong). But apparently this is too much?

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Metal Ed, just a quick question. How far do you bend your penis while doing the bends?

As for your squeezing time, is it the sole workout itself? Is it the only thing that you are doing, or are you doing other techniques as well?

Personally, I do a 10 minute session of squeezes, for 30 seconds each, which I find alright for me, on my girth days. I also do other techniques, and this is why I keep it down to around 10 minutes so that I can also do the other techniques efficiently, as well as keeping my session at a reasonable amount of time.

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

I do the squeezes as part of a girth routine. Later in the day I do stretches for length. The stretches take me twenty minuts to complete. I do my stretches my draping my penis over a platic bottle and pulling from just below the head while pressing down on the bottle. The bottle lays on its side, on my pubic region, in front of my penis. I like this better than the standard manual stretch.

I should explain how I squeeze a little but more, since you seem to do a different squeeze than me. The squeeze I do grew out of my jelqing. I was playing around with my jelqing style and this seemed to work better than regular jelqs. With a partially erect penis, I squeeze with my left hand in an OK grip, overhand, just under the head. (I’m circumcized.) Then with the right hand in an underhand OK grip, I squeeze the base. Then I slowly bring both hands together, taking at least 3 seconds for the stroke (like a jelq), stopping when my hands are about 1 inch from each other (because I don’t want my penis to explode in my third month of PE). I maintain a squeeze with both hands the whole time. When the stroke is completed, I release the pressure from my hands, kegel some fresh blood into my penis, then repeat.

For variety, I also alternate this movement with an identical squeeze where only my right hand moves, the left staying just under the head.

Both squeezes really make the sides of my shaft balloon outwards. It’s a great pump and much better than the one I was getting from regular jelqing.

I do these at about 90% erect. As exercise wears on, I get more erect (TOO erect), so I stop every few minutes and take my hands off my penis to let the erection subside back down to where I want it to be.

Being that I’ve dropped the regular jelq in favor of these, I have to rely entirely on stretches for the length aspect. No hanging for me right now, I’m too new to all this.

As far as how much I bent, well without a protractor, I’d guess I bent my penis to not quite a right angle (which would be 90 degrees)…. figure about 60 degrees.

No need to break my dick at the age of 25, I figure.

all erections are not created equal

Some guys have soft erections. Some guys have steel erections. Mr. Softy can easily do 100% erect bends. Mr. Steel would snap like a twig. My opinion?…Stay away from the DLD 100% Erect Bends.

Well I do bends easily, like you said your shaft increases a lot. I actually do Erect Bends and can bend my penis 90 degrees. I don’t have soft erections.

I just get a 100% erection, when I squeeze it and start to bend it goes to a 90% but with the same size, so it’s engorged with blood, the 10% left of softness is the factor that will allow you to bend it without worries (well for me at least).

I do 1000 jelqs at the morning so I do it every 50, a good way to maintain a 70% erect state while jelqing. If you do Horse 440 before your DLD Bends I think it’s better because you’re already engorged for those and only have to kegel and to apply a -constrictor- grip (you know) >.>


Do you bend downward then? Does this result in a permament downward bend in the erect penis?

Or do you practice a variety of different bends, bending in different directions to avoid a permanent change in shape?

I bend at 8 directions, like a clock. I just bend downward to expand my width, that’s why I concentrate more in the left side (My right corpus cavernosus is weaker than the left one, so it curves a little) and upward bends.

Permanent downward bend in the erect penis may be caused by having a lot of erections while you’re using tight briefs for a long time. That’s what happened to me in the past, I recall having a 11 o’clock angle and before PE it was 9, now it’s 10:30 ^_^


PS: I’m not vet anyway >.>

Schmerz, you should see my pics. Go to the members section and take a look

My lot is very low, its a 6 I believe, so I am going to be doing upward stretches.

In regards to the bends, I just wrote up a long thought process on them, but I think most people consider them dangerous because people overdue them.

When I think of an erect bend, I don’t think of bending an erect shaft anymore then maybe 30 degrees. If you take my bend and straighten my dick straight out, whatever that degree difference is what I consider an erect bend, not no 90 degree! yikes. That would break a dick.

So when people are like, “DON’T DO ERECT BENDS”, I simply think, why not. As long as they are done a smart way and to the point of only doing them to the extent of getting tight versus simply “breaking” your dick one way.

Just bend your dick till you feel a tightness. When it gets there, simply hold for 15-30 seconds. Rest, repeat. Sounds simple to be, just don’t bend your penis into a direction its not really meant to go.

just my 2 cents.


Check out the key frames here on Sadsak Slinky from the excellent Tutorials Section.
They are a type of erect bend. You may also want to do a search.

In retrospect, a year later, I do not think that I should have done those bends. All it really did was toughen my dick up way too fast, and make it that much harder to gain. My conclusion…. don’t bend. It will toughen your tunica too quickly and gains will be that much harder.

Those are the type of bends I DON’T DO. Mine are simply taking my arch, and pulling it up so my penis “looks” straight. There is alot of resistance and its nothing like what you see in those pictures.

I guess that makes sense when people get all scared about doing them, shit I would be to if I did those. Here is what I am attempting to do - Erect Bends, my way


I recommend, if you want to stretch the tunica, you do some deep tissue heating. Hot water, rice socks, hot wraps, etc. just don’t do the job as good and thorough as infrared heat!

No matter what everybody says. Just give it a shot. Invest $15 bucks in an infrared heating bulb or lamp, available at Walgreens, for example, and check it out. Your semi-erect bends will take on a complete different meaning, with adequate heating time. Just don’t put the lamp too close and go overboard, Bro.

And use caution.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Originally Posted by Metal Ed
In retrospect, a year later, I do not think that I should have done those bends. All it really did was toughen my dick up way too fast, and make it that much harder to gain. My conclusion…. don’t bend. It will toughen your tunica too quickly and gains will be that much harder.

Good point.

I have a hell of a time gaining girth. Bends haven’t done much for me. They may have helped increase my base girth a little. Hard to tell for sure. Nothing for mid or foreshaft girth or length.

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