Vibration for EQ, ED, PE edging, hands free etc.

I suffer from mild ED. In my research several yes back, I read about the medical device viberect. Basically simultaneous vibrations in the 70-110hz( mhz?, sorry can’t remember which) range applied to the frenulum and to the top of the glans, just above the corona mimic the stroking motions of masturbation but much faster and only localized on the two sensitive regions. Rather than forking out hundreds of dollars to try it, I took two vibrating eggs and held one vertically on the frenulum and one horizontally on the top of the glans just above the corona. I was hard in no time and ejaculated shortly thereafter. I tried different ways of putting thee eggs on clamps with the spring removed and that worked well for a while until some of the wiring on the cheap eggs failed inside. For some reason, these two eggs had a specific vibration that worked. I tried other vibes but that had come with my wife’s strapon and I wasn’t going to buy another just for the eggs lol. I gave up on it until recently getting into PE. In browsing for PE products on Amazon, I ran across this silicone cup with two pockets for egg vibrators. I ordered it and I am starting to feel like it is, if not the holy grail of all, it is at the very least a very good product for vibration excercise of the entire erection to the root, EQ and ED improvement, maintaining a mostly hands free erection, edging, ejaculation control and even multi orgasms.
I have actually modified mine by cutting the top off of the glans cup so that it can slide to just below the corona and leaves the glans free to swell, and cut the bottom of the pockets so that I can position the eggs more accurately if needed. I am also experimenting with turning the top one sideways in the modified cup as the horizontal position has a slight edge over both being vertical. Don’t get me wrong, the item works great just the way it comes if positioned as I mentioned, I just like to tweak it and maximize it.
The other day I was home alone and kept it on for like an hour, just walking around, sitting etc. Occasionally I would have to stop it to prevent ejaculation but other than that I was able to stay at max erectile capacity for a good hour

The other thing I do is to alternate on and of, effectively contracting the BC muscle and hardening everything else with it. Sometimes I will hold the max myself as I turn it off, holding it for as long as I can.

I was going to post this in Research and development but still getting out my newbie restrictions lol.

This site has helped me so much and I am hoping this helps others.

Anyone else have positive or negative experience with vibration used this way ?(viberect principle mimic)