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Very-quick newbie questions

Very-quick newbie questions

Is it possible to overstretch??

What is a good amount of jelqs to do as a newbie??

Is it oddly possible to over warm up or cool down?

Stretch before or after warming up?

After jelqing, stretch and then warm down? Or warm down and then stretch?

Yes, its possible to overstretch.

About 60 at 3 to 5 seconds each is good to start with.

You can burn your cock if youre not careful when you warm up so be sure that you do it right. try using a rice sock. Depending on what you use to cool down, you might get some nerve damage if done incorrectly. The same goes for warming down. Be sure to learn the difference between cooling down and warming down.

Stretch after your warm up.

Stretch then warm down.

Also, you will get quicker answers if you just search. Many of these questions have come up in the past.

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