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A few quick, but important for me questions

A few quick, but important for me questions

Hey everyone. New poster here, and I’m really hoping that these forums are the godsend that I’ve been reading about. I’ve been lurking for a while, but I really don’t have the opportunity to start working on the Newbie routine until next week, when I head home from college, away from my roommate who refuses to leave me in privacy >:( but anyway.I have some “me-specific questions” which are kind of embarassing.but I dunno, people on this forum seem fairly open and I figure I can get some help. Anyway..

1. I was born with a hypospadia. For anyone who doesn’t know who that is, it’s basically a deformity where the hole at the end of the urethra isn’t at the end of the penis, it’s at the bottom of the shaft. I got it corrected early on in life, so it looks and functions like a normal penis now, except for the fact that I can see where the old hole was stitched up. I’m a little worried about that, but I’m hoping it won’t be a problem when I start doing PE excercises. 1 in 500 people supposedly gets this, anyone out there have any experience? There is one other side effect to this that really sucks..

2. The condition left me with.not a whole lot to work with, let’s just put it that way. I’ve read that one thread about the guy who practically doubled his penis size, and that’s given me a lot of hope, but my other question you get what you put in? In other words, if you start bigger, does that mean you’ll gain more?

I hope you guys can help me with this stuff. It’s an honor to be here with everyone striving to get bigger and better, and I’ll be seeing you all around.

Originally Posted by quartercirclebk
…if you start bigger, does that mean you’ll gain more?

Definitely not.

As for your question concerning hypospadia, I think attention to more senior members is needed. I am personally at a loss to imagine what effect PE will/could have on it.

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Paging nurse Westla, paging nurse Westla…

regards, mgus

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I’m exactly the same. I was born with hypospadias and the surgeon that done it relay messed it up and I spent 6 months in hospital when I was about 7 for them to fix it. This experience left me feeling really self conscious about my size and that, really early on and have hold off any sexual experiences. The thing that I’m kicking my self about though is that I saw a surgeon a couple of months ago just to make sure every thing was working fine and he offered me to have my size increased surgically on the NHS so it would of been free but at the time I was scared to say yes wondering what my perants would think and just to ammit it to him. Now here I am trying to increase my size manually and just feeling gutted

Well I’m glad this topic got bumped. mar, are you should natural PE won’t do something weird?

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Wow, really? Maybe I should get that checked out.wish a doctor had offered me that :\ but it written in stone that guys who were born with hypospadias are generally small? It already sucks ass to be the 1 in 500 that gets it, but that added effect would just kill me, to know I could have had a regular sized Italian sausage. Ugh.why me, why me.

Ok, I’m double posting and this is off topic, but this board likes to delete ellipses, doesn’t it :\ My three dots are turning into one in all my posts.

I haven’t found any info on hypospadias and PE but I see a urologist and the surgeon that actually pioneered the hypospadias operation that they are using today so I should be able to get some good information on it. I wouldn’t worry about being 1 in 500 because I know some other people born with it. The first person I found out it off is my best friend and when he first told me I thought some how he found out about me and was taking a dig, almost riped his head off thinking he has gone and told everyone my big secrete, good job I didn’t act to fast before I realised he wasn’t taking the piss. He also told me about 3 other people I knew who had it so it really isn’t that rare. I’m only 4’5” so I’m determined to do something about it.

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