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Vains not showing at the base?

Vains not showing at the base?

Guys, I got somewhat of a problem here…
Last night I was having an eraction, and when I looked at my penis I have seen that in the base, the vains aren’t poping out, plain smooth just like evrey other organ in the body. But, in the shaft the vains are looking good and poping out.
Now this looks weird, and I’d love it if the vains would show in the base aswell… (It looks kinda freaky..)
I am guessing this is because of the grip when I jelq, because I start the grip just where there is no vains.

Any way to solve this? Any one else got this problem?


Everyone’s got to be different with how the veins look on their dicks.

Is this a change you’ve noticed, or was it always like that?

Some guys seem to report that the veins are more prominent after PE, and some not, and I don’t think anyone has come up with a way to make veins more prominent, especially on one part of the penis.

Hey, we’ve got a rule here that we ask you to use the SPELL CHECKER. Whilst it won’t help if you have used the wrong word, it will pick up most spelling mistakes, of which you have quite a few.

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Yes, it is a thing I noticed just now, and it shows quite obvious, just like when your in the sun for too long and your arms are brownish and the shirt part is whiter. That’s just the way it looks, on the base I don’t see much veins, if it all. But the higher I go the veins are much more prominent.
I’m quite sure this has to do with PE
A) Since it wasn’t there before.
B) Since the only part in which the veins are not prominent is the part that doesn’t get workout while i jelq.

Took your remark and used the speller this time.

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