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Ways to increase girth size at the base


Ways to increase girth size at the base

Does anyone know how to increase the girth size at the base. I have a baseball bat penis where the base is skinner that the top part. I’d like to even it out more and get it all equal to 6 inches or more. You can see in my routine section I posted my girth stats.
I’ve been squeezing at the base and let the blood flow though the chambers in the upper part. I think that’s a bad idea for me because while I’m holding tightly the base, obviously there is no blood hitting the chambers at the bottom. Tell me if this technique would work for me. This must be done fully erect. Instead of gripping at the base, hold tightly with both hands on the middle and upper part of the penis. Now that your holding TIGHTLY, do sets of keggles so that the blood will keep pumping into the base and not the upper part of the penis. I’m going to start doing this tonight and see how it goes from there. Anyone else tried this? Are there any other ways to increase girth at the base? Thanks.

Here are my stats
Base Girth: 5.25 (13.3cm)
Midshaft girth: 5.5 (14cm)
Foreshaft girth: 5.6(14.3cm)

Ways to increase girth size at the base




erect bends

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

So it wouldn’t work this way?

I’ve been experimenting with using a rope tourniquet to clamp off blood outflow during my girth sessions. A few days ago, something interesting occured which perhaps you can duplicate and use…

I normally tie off as close to the pubic bone as possible, but this one time I tie too far up the shaft, around mid shaft I believe… As soon as I tightened the rope, my base blew up like a balloon!
Stayed that way until I loosened the knot…

I supsect that the outflow veins for the base portion of the ccs and cs must run up the shaft for a bit, where the flow into the main outflow vein. I must have cut this juncture off, effectively trapping blood.

It was pretty cool…

Bruiser 180s with Kegels, do 30 of them on each side x2 holding each for 1 second. It gave me the treetrunk look, I have almost evened it out.

Thanks RB, I’ll give that a try. Has those base gains been permanent?

Bigbballz, I saw a picture of the bruiser 180. When erect you stick your penis between your thighs and do kegels. Is it a better way to sit on it and place it where your butt crack is?

Originally posted by mike2002
Is it a better way to sit on it and place it where your butt crack is?

Ouch, I don’t think anyone is that flexible, I do them with about 80% erection and keep it squeezed in between my legs. I let up the pressure from my legs when I do them with kegles because it is much more intense than the regular bruiser.


Hanging gives you a tree trunk base “Bib time”


I just finished doing this exercise. I did part bruiser 180 and part RB’s routine. I tied a shoe lace and made a tight knot right in the middle of my penis. I then masturbate until fully erect. Instead of using my thighs as a holder I used my hands because I feel more comfortable. At about 100% erect I can only turn my penis half way. But when it’s about 70% erect I can’t turn it all the way around so that the urethra is facing me. I did 1 second 30 keggles each. I spent about 30 minutes in total. When doing this exericse, I noticed the upper part of my penis was fully engorged. So what I did was force the blood to come down from the head down to the lower shaft and do hard keggles. By the time I took my shoelace off my penis was flaccid, but the base looked bigger than the upper part. I’ll keep this up and do it every other day and see if I’ll get permanent gains.

Mike, keep experimenting where you tie off mid-shaft. It helps to get about 50% erect or so, then tie. When you find the right spot, your base will blow up fat and plump, but you have to find the EXACT spot…

Thanks RB, I’ll try this again tonight and see if my base will blow up like you said. When I did it last night I placed the shoe lace right at the middle, I didn’t see any difference at the base. The only part that really blew up was the upper shaft; which is not really what I want. I’ll keep experimenting.

Keep moving it until you find the spot…

Hitting the base with power jelqer

Since they’re relatively cheap, I’ve outfitted one of my “power jelq devices” ($5 canning jar lifters) so it hits the base of my dick better. I just got some Dr. Scholl’s moleskin — the “plus” kind that has foam on it — and wrapped it around the plastic rollers.

The smaller diameter rollers make it so I can press the tool into my fat pad and a little further towards bone. That jelqs a part of my dick that’s hard to get to using my hands or my other PJ with the bigger foam pads. It’s pretty comfortable too.

Is manual stretching alone effective to increase base girth? It seems to have made my base girth thicker .

Start (october 2010) : BPEL 18,5 cm ; EL 17,5 cm ; MSEG 13,75 cm ,BEG 14,25 cm ;FL 12 cm ; FG 10,75 cm ; BPFSL 18,5 cm

3 months later ( January 2011) : BPEL 19 cm ; EL 18 cm ; MSEG 14 cm ; BEG 14,5 cm FL (hard to say if it grows due to size shifting of the soft state.. The same as before or bigger!) ; FG 11 cm ; BPFSL 19 cm***all hard sizes taken @ my hardest and doing a kegel***Goal: cementing a round 18 x 14 hard coupled with a good EQ.

My friend use maleinch and it work.

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