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Two important questions: Jelq technique at base and Hair Removal

Two important questions: Jelq technique at base and Hair Removal

Hey everyone,

I had two questions which i think are sorta important, but you guys can be the judge as long as you answer :D :

1) When jelqing, do you always have to hold the base of the shaft with one hand? Is it necessary to hold the base skin and then milk, or can you just jelq and not hold the base? i mean, does the base get any penis enlargement if you are holding it? i dont see how it does, and i think thats how someone can get the baseball bat effect, which i want to avoid…you understand what i mean?

oh and is jelqing while 10% erect (nearly flaccid but not quite, like when your penis hangs and looks sorta big but isnt hard at all) effective at all?

2) Did you guys hear about Veet Spray removal? its brand new i think, i just saw the commercial, you spray it on and in 8 minutes you rinse and hair is gone. can you use that on your groin area?

thanks alot and happy PEing,

hey bigwilly,

I am new to this as well, but with regard to Jelquing, I find I can exert more pressure if I am holding the base with my left hand and jelquing with the right. I find I still get enough extension in the penis and pressure by holding slightly with my left hand. I guess to counteract the baseball effect you could employ other squeeze techniques and pumping. With regards to Jelquing 10% erect I don’t believe this is effective, as the main aim of jelquing seems to be to increase blood flow in the penis.

Hope this helps.

Regards Rolo

Holding and Hair Removal...


Some answers to your questions:

1) When I jelq, I find it is better for me to alternate hands so I can start right at the base then switch to the other hand and the end of one stroke to start with the other. I do this and other girth exercises where I DO hold at the base, but so far I have avoided the baseball effect and my 6 inch circumference is pretty much even spread throughout the length. As to jelqing with a 10% erection, I don’t feel that is really effective and prefer to be almost fully erect in order to create maximum pressure with very hard squeezes.

2) As with that hair removal, I don’t see why you couldn’t use it on your genital hair, but I would keep it away from your uretha opening (where the piss comes out). I don’t know why you would go up that high, but an accidental brush might cause a reaction which you probably wouldn’t want. But I don’t know for sure, I shave, and it gets easier every time.

10% erection? I’ve never really understood how you can say what % of erection you’re having. Well 100% and 0% is kinda easy to understand though. I also think that I do my jelquin almost flaccid (pumped look - maybe 10-50% or so…) and believe that it will have a good effect gaining length (could compare sorta strecthing). If I try, and watch some porn to get a lil stronger erection - it’s pretty damn hard to keep it under 100% Had no results with that during first 3 months of PE, now I believe that I’m gaining - when I’m having less erection…

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Hair Removal!!


I would strongly suggest avoiding any kind of hair removal that you spray or wipe on and rinse off. I tried Epil-Stop one time and, man, I tell you that was some of the worst burn/pain I’ve ever experienced in my life! Feel free to try it, but I feel it’s my duty to warn you speaking of my past experience with “easy, painless” hair removal products.

As for Jelquing, I’d say the maximum results come from about a 50% erection.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

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Hair removal


We had a thorough discussion about this in the thread “Hairy Problem”. You can find it by searching for “magic powder”, which BTW is good stuff - it works for me.



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I started shaving in the shower about 4 months ago — works for my face and crotch area. No shaving creams or lotions in the shower, just a sharp blade, but something about the hot water streaming over the area being shaved makes it much more comfortable for me.

Why shave the crotch? Smooth feels better during sex, and shaving below reduces the hair pulling during exercise. At least that’s the way it feels to me.

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That magic powder really work’s huh? I read the direction’s on the can the other day at wally world, scared the shit out of me. Hell, I guess I’ll give it a try. Seems like it would be less of a hassle than shaving.

Any advice?

Or just follow the instruction’s to the tee?

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