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base girth?

base girth?

Why is it that it seem easier to gain midshaft girth rather than base girth?

My base is 1/4” smaller than my midshaft girth.

Is there any exercises that focus on the base girth?

I want to even it out so it looks practicaly the same size all the way down the shaft.

Also do u know anywhere i can find out how to do the base girth exercises.

Hanging and ADS will both help with girth gains at the base. They are about the only methods that seem to work.
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most guys are the opposite: they are bigger at the base and “taper”

well, ive only been peing for about a week now. and i gained 1/4” of girth at the midshaft. That doesn’t seem right, but thats what it measures, could this only be swelling and will go down after i take a rest from pe?

My Routine (7 days a week)
2-3 mins stretching
2-3 mins hot wrap
5-10 mins jelq
5 mins queezing
2-3 mins hot wrap

Am i over doing it? or does this seem right for a newbie?

Take at least a couple of days a week off. Your routine sounds fine. Do a 2 on/2 off 2on/1 off or a 5 on/2 off schedule and you should do fine. Remember to add reps/intensity slowly, like a little more each week. And pay attention to what you are doing!

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