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Unstretchable Ligs?

Unstretchable Ligs?

Is there a way to tell if your ligs are even stretchable? Meaning, do you think some people can benefit virtually nothing from stretching?

I know it’s probably difficult to say with any type of certainty, but maybe there are clues. Maybe in the stretching? Maybe the way your penis hangs?

I hate stretching because I take a week-long trip to negative P.I. town every time I do a stretching session for more than 5 minutes. I don’t pull hard at all and my grip at the glans is feather light (barely strong enough to hold on and do the stretch). Sometimes I get pain from stretching, especially going anywhere near a down direction. Stretching up doesn’t feel too good either.

Maybe my ligs can’t be stretched? My BPFSL is basically the same size of my BPEL (maybe 1/4” longer on some days) and that would suggest that I need to focus on my tunica anyway since my EQ has been static at 9-10 my entire life.

I just find the relationship between stretching and jelqing to be so similar, which is why it confuses me. Jelqing is, in effect, a stretching motion but I get no negative P.I.s from jelqing. I’ve done 800-1000 jelq sessions only to have my dick turn around, look at me, and say “is that all you got?” I give him 5, 30 second stretches and he screams bloody murder.

Thoughts guys?

I used to turtle from any kind of stretching, now I warm up for 20 mins before any session sometimes more. I do this with a rice sock and never turtle (from stretching). Try it man, get some good constant heat on your wang for a long time and see if it makes a difference.

Sounds really odd.Maybe you’re stretching wrong. Make sure you follow the guide exactly, don’t grip the head very tightly, I tend to make sure I’m fully flaccid for one and grip a little bit below the head then gently ease into it. Maybe you’re very strong, do it lightly then put more pressure if it’s not hurting till you can just feel the pull.

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