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Tunica vs Ligs

Tunica vs Ligs

I’ve been doing some flaccid manual stretching. I’ve been trying to stretch the ligs so that I would feel a soreness where the ligs are, under the base. Instead I only feel a slight soreness underneath the glans and inside the dick. So I was wondering if that was the tunica I was feeling and that I need to stretch it some more to build enough slack to effect the ligs again?

I’ve started at 5.75 inch and now almost 6.25 do you think my reasoning is sound? The only thing I do while flaccid is grip at the base of the glans and pull in all directions, sometimes doing the “V” while pivoting my hands to pull the base outwards. Do I need to start gripping my dick differently to effect the ligs again or should I keep working on the tunica?

Have a read on the thread “Diagram Idea” in this Main Members Forum, especially the last few posts.


Thank you for pointing out that thread. It has explained much and I feel that this info is vital to beginners and vets alike to better understand PE and why there are plateaus.

I’ve been pulling pretty hard in my manual stretchs and I only feel soreness to my skin at the base and some at where I grip but not much. I haven’t went long enough to know if I hit a plateau or not. I do know that I’m able to increase the length of time and pressure without getting spots on my jelqing session so it’s just the matter of keeping the stress near critical.

Thanks again :)

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