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Uncut, How to do Jelq properly Any uncut gainers here

Uncut, How to do Jelq properly Any uncut big gainers here

Hello. I’ve been into PE over last year, but due to the fact I am uncut I was mostly off PE, due to the foreskin stretching. It covers my glans already when flaccid, after few weeks of jelq (even the Dry one) my foreskin began to stretch and hang even more loose. That’s very unappealing and what’s worse, I can cover 1/3 of my glans when erect after PE session. :/

Right now I’m trying to figure out any method that would do the jelq job well and not cause my foreskin to stretch much. I thought of Dry Jelq + Kegel:

I start just like regular dry jelq, but just before I release the grip I do kegel, so the blood won’t run back much, then put the grip on the base again and release the PC muscle. It works a bit but the pressure for sure is smaller than a regular wet jelq done on cut dick with lubrication.

So I thought maybe some uncut gainers already had a similar difficulty and figured out somehow how to avoid much skin stretching ?

(Topic: I consider 1’-2’ a “big” gain)

Sorry for broken English. :/

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Well, I’m uncut and I only do wet jelqs with real lube (astroglide) to avoid any foreskin stretch. If the foreskin seems to be stretching, I use one hand to hold the skin at the base; the other hand jelqs and glides nicely because of the lube, without pulling the skin.

Silver’s is the way to go Liscie.

Although if there is not much room left to jelq, doing Silver’s way, then try holding your ballsack (gently!) to give you room to do a full jelq!

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I agree, use a good lube, silicon is a good one, and wet jelq. Even try to hold the foreskin back with one hand while jelqing with the other. Consider yourself lucky, my foreskin covers my penis even when erect.

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