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two questions: Edging and Dry Jelqing

two questions: Edging and Dry Jelqing

Hi,I started PE on April 2009 but,unfortunately,I quit after 2 months…i gained 0.4” both in length and girth(Maybe it was only better EQ)

I re-started PE two weeks ago,with the newbie routine…

I do warm up,about 45 seconds (for one stretch) in each directions X2

and I do wet jelq about 10 minutes…

After that usualy I do 10 minutes of edging,but i have a problem of not ejaculate after these 10 minutes,because my full-of-blood penis become very sensible and I ejaculate after these 10/15 minutes…

My questions is:

1)Is it better to do not ejaculate after my jelq/edging sessions?
Maybe I could do better if I do edging in my rest days,or is good like i’m doing right now,so do edging after my jelq sessions?

2)I would do dry jelq instead of wet ones,there will be problems?? I know that dry are more “strong” than wet jelqs,so do you suggest me to start with dry jelq(and do less than wet jelqs)or is better for me to continue using wet jelqs for a while?

Any suggest qill be appreciated,thank you

Start= Bpel:7", Meg:4.7", Fl:4".

First Month= Bpel:7.4", Meg:5.1", Fl:4.3"

In my opinion, it’s better not to ejaculate soon after a Pe sessio.; because you lose the blood flow into the penis that keeps it pumped ap for a while after your PE session. Which means you would be better to do the edging session on the ‘off’ days.

Whether to do dry or wet jelqs is really a matter for you.

Which gives you the longest -puffed up sensation after working out. Is perhaps the best way to go. There are those who advocate wet and those who advocate dry. So it is difficult to give a considered opinion.

Prhaps th best way is do a search on wet and on dry jeqs and read the argumentss in favour and against.

Then you can decide, with more knowledge at your disposal. And what is most suitable for you

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1) I usually masturbate and ejaculate prior to my PE, then work out so I can get blood flowing and then start my PE. Although I’m a newbie and this may not be so good haha but that’s what I do.

2) That’s up to you but I find wet jelqs easier and efficient.

START: 6/15.2 BPEL x 5/12.7 MSEG [02/26/10]

GOAL: 7.5/19.1 BPEL x 5.5/14 MSEG

and if i do edging after my session but NOT ejaculate would be better?

or do edging on rest days is the better way?

Start= Bpel:7", Meg:4.7", Fl:4".

First Month= Bpel:7.4", Meg:5.1", Fl:4.3"


Start= Bpel:7", Meg:4.7", Fl:4".

First Month= Bpel:7.4", Meg:5.1", Fl:4.3"

reyalex either method won’t make a huge difference to the point that you shouldn’t worry about it. There is no better method, what the best response to your question will be is to try both and figure out which method FEELS best to you and gives you the best PIs.

Gonna have to go with Alex553 on this on too. Trial and error, do what feels best to you and what your unit reponds to. I do my session 3on/1off without ejaculating. That seems to work best for me. I have tried my jelq session and finish off with edging, but I would always ejaculate after edging which seems to make my unit a little to flaccid and it also seemed to drain all the blood out of it. Give both routines a try.

I have a preference for wet jelqs and not ejaculating. But what is best for me is not necessarily best for everyone, so experiment!

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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