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trouble with stretching

trouble with stretching

After my rest day yesterday I’m having a lot of trouble stretching in a flacid state. I’ve noticed the 2nd day of PE is easiest for stretching—penis probably worn out and is NOT easily aroused. After resting just one day, however, it is easily aroused and I have trouble keeping it flacid.

Two questions:

1. What is the risk of stretching a penis with a 20% erection?
2. Is there ever a benefit to stretching longer than 1 minute?

With a 20% erection, there should not have any problem, but I would say keep that in check.

2- Not really, personnaly I would say smaller set of more intense stretch are better. What I mean is that I prefer 3x 20 sec stretch of intense stretch than 1x 60 sec stretch.


If you’re new to PE, watch the intensity of your stretches. In the gym, I can perform a tricep pushdown with the entire stack: I’m using the exact same motion during manual stretching. Many guys have been injured doing their manual stretches too hard.

The prevailing theory is that a longer, lower intensity stretch promotes gains, hence the popularity of ADS. I have seen some of my best gains using traction wrap/ADS afer exercising.

Don’t overdo it.


I got bruise spots today and I do indeed have very strong arms. The bruise spots are on the left side which is pulled by my right hand (my stronger arm). Perhaps I need to be a little more careful.

Take care man, you only have one and only brother attached to you…
Do take good care of it…

Happy gaining! :)


It’s very exciting when the gains come quickly. Many guys experience the “Newbie Pop”, and like yourself, show a dramatic gain after a short time doing PE. However:

Don’t try and force gains!

Red spots (burst capillaries), bruising, are signs that you’re overdoing it.

It is possible to permanently injure yourself doing PE!

We’ve had members that have, literally, almost torn their dick off of their body. (Several have had to quit because of tearing a ligament.)

You’re shooting for 1” in four months, you’re experiencing mild injury (now). Don’t injure yourself further. 1” in a year is damn good, according to the data that has been culled from this site.

Rule of thumb: if you can’t begin and end your workout with a strong erection, or you’re experiencing ED, you’re overdoing it. With practice, you will be able to PE without getting erect, so just give yourself time to get used to the exercises, rather than injuring yourself, so that you can stay flaccid while performing manual stretches, OK?


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