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Having trouble with satying flaccid while manually stretching

Having trouble with satying flaccid while manually stretching

So, I’m a bodybuilder and I am on anabolics for the past 2 weeks.

My tesosterone levels are way up, getting horny alot more lately.

I haven been able to stretch manually for about 5 min before I just start to fill up my shaft with blood, and I can’t stretch well when I have a semi-hardon going on. It takes awhile for the engorgement to subside, too.

Aside from thinking of my grandmother naked, anyone have any tips to keep myself unaroused?

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Well I also have the problem of staying flaccid, I usually just stretch till its engorged then let it subside then stretch another direction.

Good luck on staying flaccid. Hope to gleam some good info off this thread.

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I had this problem also, what I do now is just jelq first and then stretch. I do not get hard as easily after a session. Maybe that’ll work for you.

-Rational Dreamer


Try some squeezes while you are semi-engorged. Grip with an OK just behind the glans, and another OK (with the other hand) near the base. Clamp firmly with both hands, and push your hands towards one another so that the shaft between your two OK grips swells. Hold for 10 seconds, then repeat. If you do this 10-20 times, your semi will subside. Repeat as necessary to keep you soft enough to stretch.

For me, ephedrine worked well when I knew I was going to be hanging all day. Shitty part is, it sucks later when there is a possibility of sex.


Masterbate. That will reduce the testosterone and you wont be so excited anymore.

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