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Times per day

Times per day

How many times should I jelq per day?

Is more than once alright ?

It is probably best to jelq once daily so as to allow a longer rest period between successive jelq sessions. Do a search and you’ll find others’ input on this question.

Originally Posted by Counter
How many times should I jelq per day?

Is more than once alright ?

I think you’re a newbie, right? So just follow the START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info
Jelq one time a day, the best way in the start.

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Once a day for jelqing. Even if you have a split routine, stretching or jelqing in the morning and the opposite at night.

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I think I’ve read that you keep doing the Newbie routine, which is a once a day workout, until it stops working for you. Then mix it up a little once your dick is nice and limber. Some of the older members have a two-session thing going, but it seems they’ve been regulars here for years. The Newbie routine calls for at least three months of the same workout (which I believe you can increase the amounts if you aren’t getting anything from it, be it a nice workout feeling, or no gains).. but just stick with the Newbie routine you’ll be glad you did.

Once you get around the forum more and read more, you’ll see that the answers are almost always the same, stick with the newbie routine ‘till you’ve hit a brick wall.

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Your penis needs recovery time from jelqing to allow adaptation (growth) to occur. Jelqing places quite a bit of strain on the tissues. Once a day is plenty; more than that will slow progress.

Gentle stretching may be done more than once a day when you have been PEing for a while. Like any other exercise ‘too much too soon’ is counterproductive.

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Originally Posted by firegoat

Like any other exercise ‘too much too soon’ is counterproductive.

I second that.

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